quick brain dump

tomorrow is the big day.  my event coordination debut.  the "after-children" version.  

send good vibes my way.  please.  i know it will be an excellent event.  but i always get like this beforehand.  

my ability to multitask on the rest of my life is not all that great.  {you should see my "laundry room."  please, anyone, send your laundress to my house to volunteer.  you think i am kidding.}  my personality is very well suited for event planning.  i've known that.  but if i had too many events, the events would consume me.  i. get. so. focused.  just one has filled my mind this week.  to the paralytic point.  do you know what i am talking about??  f r o z e n.

i've been watching friday night lights on netflix to get my mind off of my nerves about saturday.  how did i miss friday night lights when it was on television??  it is so good.  seriously.  and nice to have something so good when it seems like all my favorite shows take a christmas vacation.  that makes me sound like i watch a bunch of tv.  i don't.  

i mean, if you don't count pbs kids...  but that's another entire debate.  let's not go there right now.  we will.  someday.  i want to... i feel like i could write a novel on the whole, snarky, judgey, we-don't-watch-tv thing.  you know, for the mom's who are perfect.  not. me.   

anywho, i watch maybe 3 tivo'd shows a week.  if they are all new.  this isn't always the case...  

but, yes, friday night lights is excellent.

and now i must fold a load of clothes.  before the laundry wins the war.

xoxo, s 


  1. 1. Glad your leg is better. Meant to send well wishes earlier but commenting is so hard from my iPhone.
    2. I feel like I'm always doing laundry. ALWAYS. And there's just two of us. I can only imagine after we fill the house with kids... maybe I'll train my oldest to be my laundress. But that's probably a decade away.
    3. So excited for your event tomorrow - you'll do great! And I can relate on being hyper-focused. I'm a lousy event planner because it consumes my life and I try to make the rest of my week super laid-back before an event so I have plenty of energy. But this year I did 20 of those, which meant my poor husband had to put up with a lot of "I need to rest up because I've got X event on Tuesday." So glad this year is over.

  2. bethe --
    1. commenting from iphones is super hard. and, sadly, my commenting has dropped because of it. :(

    2. just you wait... laundry + babies is an incredible shock. SHOCK.

    3. thanks for the event encouragement and validation on craziness of hyper-focus. must. plow. through.

  3. Good luck tomorrow-- you will be great!!

  4. I hope it went well! And just a heads up...I'm depending on you to be the event coordinator for Cora Leigh's wedding. ;-)

    Oh, and sometimes PBS kids is the bet option for everyone in the house. Especially when laundry towers are beginning to sway. :)

    You are an awesome Mom, wife and friend. Blessed to know you, talented lady!!

  5. I hope that the even went just as you envisioned it to, I can't wait to hear all about it. I am glad that your leg is on the mend. I just saw the pictures-- brutal.


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