holiday frame of mind

hi, y'all.  thank you for your sweet words about my leg.  really, i was not trying to get a bunch of sympathy.  but it was nice to have so many encouraging messages on here, facebook, phone calls + text messages, and in person, etc.

the burn is much, much, better.  just trying to minimize the scar now... :)  at least it isn't pool weather.

definitely far from pool weather here.  its been a nice, windy, rainy, drizzly, cold, seasonally appropriate grey here.  and i will take it happily.

don't get me wrong.  i would prefer 75 degrees.  however, there is something fantastic about putting up the tree, eating a roast, and listening to the rain come down while baylor beat the pants off of ut.

it was a good weekend.

and friday was a good start to the weekend with a very unexpected invitation to take the ticket of another friend who sadly could not go to the gingerbread house building extravaganza charity event... i had to pick the little ones up so i could only stay for an hour...

so i did what anybody would do.  hoarded candy and took home a half finished house for my preschooler to work on.  it is no beauty.   but i did get some major "cool-mom" points. 

don't worry, it wasn't nearly done here.  more candy was added... :)

and he worked on some fine motor skills.  and sorting skills.  really, it was quite educational.  and my frame of mind was good.  i didn't have any expectations about what it should look like.  i did not care that it might be considered ugly-ish.

i am sure that most of the houses that came home were beautiful.  i mean.  people came with their own tools and researched their plan.

not being from fort worth, i had no idea that this was such a big deal.  we can add that to a running list of things on which i have been educated.

and that is how i am going into this holiday season.  no to low expectations.  a purposeful laid-back.  hopefully, it will bring me joy to lose the christmas-bitch persona that creeps in every year.  you know, the one that is irritated that the bows got crushed on the packages as someone else loaded the car.  the one that freaks out over minor details.  who gets irritated over thinking about being dropped off a christmas card list or two {perhaps they didn't send out cards, stephanie.  that is what rational stephanie says...}  the one that gets irritated at the children when christmas cookie frosting gets on their christmas clothes... i sound like mom of the year.  grrr.  not proud.

wish me luck.

and on a completely unrelated note,  savannah got the top two teeth she's been working on right before thanksgiving.  and this past weekend, she got the bottom two.  have we turned a corner??  time will tell.

xoxo, s

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