my epic leg burn

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isn't he cute?  i know, i am biased.  but.  i can't squeeze him hard enough.  he is the sweetest little boy.  not that he has anything to really do with this blog post.  i just couldn't start off with anything gloomy.  so... i'm giving you a picture of ethan. 

****** complaining disclaimer ******

well.  i debated.  do i blog about this, or no??  well.  in the spirit of keeping things real around here, i might as well.  

the week before thanksgiving's week.  i think i was sick.  like, rough scratchy throat and voice.  people would ask... but i would think, "gosh, am i?"

i had something else that was more uncomfortable than whatever chest cold i was fighting.

you see, that wednesday night, i decided to make iced tea... and somehow knocked over the pitcher as i was pouring in the boiling water.  all over my right thigh.  i don't use a tea kettle...i use a pot of boiling water... so, uh, pretty much i poured a small pot of boiling water on my leg.

i was wearing skinny jeans.  my skinny jeans don't exactly slide off.  imagine a blanket of boiling water on your leg.  a blanket that you had to wriggle out of.  holy crap.  

i have no idea what expletives i screamed.  but i know i screamed.  i am just so incredibly thankful that neither of the little ones were hanging on my legs.  they typically are.  oh, how horrible that would have been.

anyway.  it really sucks.  i spent the evening running cold water on my leg and faustino took over dinner.  thank god.  and, after a few days of my pathetic attempts at wound care, i let him fix me up.  it makes a world of difference.  especially when he got some of the "good stuff" for me.  waaaaay better than the gauze from target i was using.

it was the most painful if a blister got inadvertently popped.  oh. my. 

would you like to see pictures??  i mean, i know they are gross, but aren't you curious??   

this was the morning after it happened.  it still had not blistered all the way.  ewww... then i put on JEANS and went to bible study.  wanted to cry.

this was yesterday... healing quite nicely.  i think i will go gauze-free tomorrow.  :)

a combo of 1st and 2nd degree burns.  it looks like a map... with "continents" that are blistered. ewwww.  i thought is would just be a couple of small blisters.  nope.  about a third of it blistered.

it is much better now.  

but all of this is nothing, really.  and so, i don't want to really complain.  it could have been worse.  other people have had much worse.  it also makes me think of sasha... an acquaintance.  a very kind and friendly girl.  her sweet wedding reception was my last event at colonial.  a couple of years ago, she had a tragic accident where 20% of her body - her face, neck, arms - was burned by one of those fire bowl outdoor lighting things...  she had a blog for awhile, and it was one of my favorites.  the summer of the accident i ended up having a couple of run-ins with my oven and had a few small burns on my wrist and arm.  i looked at those scars all. the. time. and they reminded me to pray for sasha.  send good energy her way.

the other day, i was thinking how those scars had faded.  they are so faint, i can hardly see one and the other is gone.  i thought.  well, it's about time for another kitchen mishap.  obviously, i didn't do this on purpose.  and i hope that this scar fades away.  however, it will serve as a good reminder for me to pray for sasha... i hope she is doing well.

sooo... that's the rest of the story here.  my thigh has a giant burn.  :)  be careful in the kitchen!  heed my warning!

xoxo, s


  1. Holy Cow, Stephanie! That's crazy!! I hope it heals quickly and thank God your kiddos weren't there with you. I will definitely think of you now everytime I'm at the stove!! So glad you're going to be ok & Faustino is there to doctor you up!

  2. i know! holy cow!! and that was the first thing i thought of. thank god i didn't burn savannah. who, by the way was in the kitchen moments prior. miss you, friend! xoxo!

  3. Geez! Hope your ok! One of my best friends is good friends with Sasha from TCU! I hear about her a lot. She is doing well, but still struggling. She is pregnant right now!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! Bless your heart! That looks terrible and yes, I'm so glad your babies weren't near by. So sorry girl!

  5. thank you for the sasha update -- i am excited to hear that she is pregnant. keep me updated, becca!!

    and joanna -- thank you... can you imagine if one of the children had even a fraction of this burn?

  6. Yikes girl. I'm glad you are okay, but those blister/burns look awful. You are so sweet to always think about other people, like Sasha, when something like this happens to you. xo

  7. Oh my stars!! I am so glad it wasn't more serious although it looks very serious. :( Looks like you & Gorbachev could be related with your "marks." ;)


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