eighteen months old

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my little grub.  she had a half birthday.  and i can not believe how grown up she is.  i know everyone says that, but lately, it has been hitting me that my kids are growing up very quickly.

we go to her check-up next week, where i can get all the stats, so i will come back and update it.  i have no doubt she will be in the top of her age curve... she's in size 24 months/2t.  she breaks my arm when i carry her.  and she wears a size 6 shoe.   we are still in size 4 pampers when we do disposable diapers.

but --- she is showing interest in potty training.  so maybe she won't be in those diapers too much longer.

in fact, we went to eat lunch with ethan and his class on monday, and he told everyone at his table that "sa-nannah toots on the potty"  thanks, buddy.  i'm sure sister would have wanted to share that as well.  :)

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my girl loves to eat.  gotta love a girl who eats!  we are still nursing in the mornings, and occasionally in the late afternoon.  i'll nurse her as long as she's interested... there is so much good stuff in my milk.  i could go on and on about her favorite foods... but just know, right now, she has a thing for the mini pepperonis.  i know.  not the best food choice -- don't judge.  perhaps my breastmilk will make up for the carcinogens?  and she really loves yogurt.  it is helpful that she is talking more because she will voice her cravings at the fridge after her nap.  she typically grabs my hand, pulls me to the kitchen, stands in front of the fridge or pantry and yells, EAT.  then, she gets specific :)     

we are still waiting on her last four teeth to break through the gums.  she has her top and bottom front 4.  and her molars.  its the ones between the molars and the front.  geez, they have been giving her trouble.  motrin.  tylenol.  homeopathic teething tablets.   we are down to the paci only at night.  mostly.  but sometimes she really wants to chew on that thing during the day.

savannah asks for "med-cine."  whenever she cries, ethan says, "i think sa-nannah is getting teeth."  except sometimes it's after he's hit her... and then i have to inform him that teeth probably aren't the issue.

she has quite the vocab... i have been keeping it on my phone in the notes section - fun to see what all she says.  she will certainly be a chatter box.  lately, her big word to scream is "buckle!!" when i get her in and out of the car seat.  :)

i also really enjoyed when she grabbed part of ethan's halloween costume and put it on and looked at faustino and me and said, "ironman."  yes, indeed.

she has so much fun copying her brother.  the things he says, noises he makes, what ever he does, she wants to do too.  and they play really well together.  until he decides that he wants to play rough :) or until she takes whatever the toy of the moment is and runs off with it.

she loves to dance, sing, play peekaboo, play with fake food, and love on stuffed animals and babies.  she is very affectionate to her babies, but guards her kisses tightly from anyone else.  so when she does give a kiss to me, it melts my heart.  completely.

and when she is eating, she wants to give bites to others.  i had no idea that this was a sign of her affection until the other night.  she was eating some smarties and giving some to me and faustino.  then ethan waltz's in and totally zones in on them... and she gets them all in her hand and won't share a bit!  it was so funny!!

she has friends!  her face lights up when she's sees certain people in particular...  i remember the first time that she said "Abby!"  i nearly fell over in disbelief {it was at the beginning of the school year} that she knew and could articulate another child's name.  and it wasn't like we saw the friends every day back in the summer, either.  and at her school, the much loved ms. tracie tells me that savannah is quite the playground flirt.  nice.

she loves books.  i mean, LOVES them.  i could read to her for hours.  she loves to pick out books from her shelf... point to pictures... say the words.  i know i am biased, but i think she will be an early reader.  it's definitely her thing to make letter sounds and name letters.  A E and S are some of our favorites right now.  

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she also loves shoes.  and clothes.  and stealing my makeup brushes.  she loves bracelets.  and will find my ponytail holders and wear them all day long, calling them bracelets.  my poor husband... he has no idea what is down the road.  i think he will have a hard time saying no to her big blue eyes.

she is my sweet, happy-go-lucky, blessing of a baby girl.  i want to sit and snuggle her and kiss her neck all day long, but she is too busy for that.  she is so smart and has a great sense of humor and i could not imagine our family without her.  she is a blessing beyond my wildest dreams and i can't believe i have the honor of being her mother.

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and thanks, sabrina for capturing all these images of savannah.


  1. Happy half birthday!! Awesome pictures!!

  2. Oh Savvy! You are just the sweetest! And you are getting to be such a big girl:) Steph, I save my empty make-up containers (blush, powder, lipstick tubes, etc) and they go in a basket in my bathroom. Emy does her make-up when I do mine:) She loves it...just a tip if you hadn't already thought of it.

  3. I love that you're still breastfeeding. I hope I will be able go so long (one day, no time soon). Nourishing for you and baby girl in so many ways.

  4. She's a beautiful gal and lucky to have you as her fun, fashionable mama that will let her accessorize to her hearts content! :)

  5. thanks, davita! the pictures warmed my heart... and i love them, and they were extra great probably because i didn't have to take them!!! so hard to take a decent picture of my own kids! that's why i have sabrina, right??

    and sabrina -- that is a GREAT idea. i will have to do that asap. she is my little copy-cat.

    marcy - thank you. i love nursing. i plan on going as long as she will let me. i nursed ethan until he was 2. i still tear up when i think about quitting with him. but it was time. i was 4 months pregnant, and he told me he was done. the evening of his second birthday. oh god. i need to go get the kleenex!

    thanks joanna! you are too sweet. and a super big congrats to you!! last day as an RN i saw on facebook. you are awesome!!!!!


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