working on a bar mitzvah...

my precious little bugs.  my full time job...

last week i alluded to a new little something i was working on... and i want to tell y'all about it.  a bar mitzvah.  this december... day of coordination.  i am so excited!!

you see, i am a stay at home mom.  {everyone already knows that, right??} and with my husband in training,  {y'all know that, too - right??}  it has always been difficult for me to even fathom working because of his busy schedule.  how could i commit to a job in my previous fields when i need to juggle the kids and not count on him for help with that?  the childcare expenses would make it tricky to even come out ahead.  and the stress...  not that extra money wouldn't be really cool.  but also, i feel very strongly that i want to be the one raising our children.  my season is one of my children.  this has always been my hearts' desire.  my dream.

staying home with my children is not glamorous, but is quite rewarding.  but i have had "glamorous" and it wasn't really all that rewarding.  sometimes fun.  sometimes a boost to the ego.  but not the long-lasting rewards that motherhood has brought me.  snuggles from my children.  teaching them about the world.  if i look past the tantrums, boogers, and the poop, it really is magic to be the first person to show a little one what a popsicle tastes like or plant a flower or a see a bug or a enjoy certain kind of fruit.  to watch my daughter's face as we watch cinderella.  to see my son impressed by a firetruck or a cement mixer.  letters and numbers.  stars and planets.  grass and dirt and leaves and pumpkins.  the mundane things of the world are their magic moments.

but extra money is nice.  and retaining my own sense of self is really very important.  i am a mom, but also, i am stephanie.

so, by the grace of god, at the perfect moment, someone asked me a question.  would i help with an event?  and my answer was YES.  an absolute blessing.

let me just say, i never, ever, EVER, in a million years thought that i wanted to plan events again, especially as my own business.  i have seen others do it.  and thrive in it.  but that season of my life was very demanding.  {do y'all know about that season?  i worked here doing sales and marketing and helping plan the wholesale market, and here as the catering director dealing with the private events and the tournament events, and here as a catering manager with non-wedding large events.  whew!}

it was rough.  busy.  it's nights, weekends, happy hours, get-togethers.  all my invitations skipped.  or postponed.  so that i could be there for other people's events.  and i was always {over} emotionally attached to my events.  leaving colonial to go to the fort worth club was like a bad divorce.  i cried for the events i wouldn't get to do.  leaving the fort worth club to stay at home with ethan, had many bittersweet moments, too.

my point is that it never entered my mind that this could be an option... but it is.  and here i am.  so say prayers that all goes splendidly for the bar mitzvah in december.

and let me just say, that this is going to be an awesome event.  it's an great family... a creative theme... i will hopefully get to post some awesome photos afterwards... insert squeal of excitement here!!! 

...and then, if i were to get referrals and other business, i would be thrilled.  just a few events.  day of coordination and consulting prior to the event.

so, i guess, i am putting it out there... i'm working again.  let me know if you'd like any help with your event ;)

xoxo, stephanie

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