a blessed beginning to thanksgiving week

well.  somehow its the middle of the week.  but i have to tell you how we had a perfect weekend.


friday evening we got a sitter and went out to celebrate our anniversary.  5 years!  it wasn't a fancy date... but it was nice spending time together without social obligations or family obligations! 

i can tell you that marrying the right person is a huge part of life's happiness.  i don't even have the right words for how fortunate i am that i am married to the right man.  he is funny, and smart, and loves me.  he pushes me to be a better person, and he is the hardest working man i've ever known.  he loves our children and is a great dad.  i really am blessed to have him in my life.

i wanted to scan old pictures in... but our scanner is acting up.  i really am dying to get all my old film converted to digital.  have any of y'all done that??  do you send your photos off somewhere?  does that scare the crap out of you like it does me????

King-Kazenske Engagement 029

engagement pictures.  gee i look young.

S&F 598b
right after we were married...

Kristi's Pictures 262
our first year anniversary dinner.  a month before ethan was born!

so that was friday.... and then on saturday, we spent the day together at our friend's farm.  picnic of "chicken and fil-a" and enjoying the 70+ degree weather. 

boots.  pigtails.  perfection.




we put the kids down on saturday night and watched one of the best football games.  ever.  seriously.
i can't wait for the next game because we will be there!  but i really don't need to elaborate on how good the game was because you would have to be living in a cave to not know about baylor's ginormous win.  i'm not even a c r a z y football person, but wow.  its a fun time to be a baylor fan. 

it made me want to wake up little savvy and put her in her baylor cheerleader uniform and dance around.  or at least a little nostalgic for some post-game celebration.

on sunday, ethan and i had the chance to go to a super fun birthday party where i was in awe of how my formerly timid bounce house boy was jumping all over everything with his friends.  my little boy is so grownup now.  bittersweet.

and then on sunday evening, faustino made the best gumbo i have ever had.  every bit as good as a restaurant.  seriously impressive.   mmmm....  it had little pieces of duck in it and the roux was perfect.  'liscious.  {in savvy-speak}  both kids ate it by the way.  spicy and all. {not too spicy.  just right, spicy}  it was starting to rain and was the perfect food to come home to.  and the aroma!  i love coming home to a home-cooked dinner i didn't have to cook!


i would share the recipe... but faustino made it.  and used several recipes.  and he wrote it down... but i think it needs a "round 2" to see if that is indeed the recipe.  we will definitely make it again.  mmmm...

but back to the weekend...

it was full of just a general sprinkling of things that make a weekend wonderful. 

and on monday morning, we went out to see the deer my husband shot, and then we headed to my parent's house where the kids have been spoiled with new toys and tons of attention.  i think it was their most fun visit yet.  savannah was talking up a storm...  telling my dad "i love you" among other adorable little things.  and i was off the hook for all my daily tasks... life was good.  i even braved the longview crowds and did my thanksgiving grocery run so that my parents could watch the kids instead of making it a group trip.  blessing.

so now i need to start cooking for tomorrow!!!  happy thanksgiving, everyone.  i am thankful for the so many blessings we have in our lives.  and now i am going to put two of those blessings to bed.

xoxo, s  


  1. Happy Anniversary!! I love me some gumbo but have never made it myself. I'm on a mission to go for it! My dad's gumbo is supposedly legendary at the military base he was stationed at in the UK. Best of luck with the job adventure. I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgivings Day. Are you matching this year? If so, how's it going?

  2. Is your little girl named "Savvy?!" I love it!

  3. thank you, davita. go for the gumbo!! so so worth it. maybe i'll perfect this recipe and post it one day... we'll see ;) Thanksgiving day was indeed wonderful... i can't believe how much food i have consumed. y i k e s!!!!! was yours nice? and YES we are matching this year... {hopefully, right??} into joints. i'm trying not to worry.


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