hard stuff


i wasted a lot of energy yesterday on things that were not worthy of my focus.  things that have no eternal value.  things i can't change.  like the petty, shallow nature of other ladies.

you know, the same topic that has stolen joy from me for years now... through middle school and far, far beyond.  this stuff does not go away.  the bodies of the people get older, but the same immature and ugly behavior is there.

and at some point, i bet i have unintentionally been on the ugly side of things, too.  i am sure that i can't be blameless in what seems to be a universal issue:  bitchy women.

but i got to thinking about the bigger picture.  how i want my daughter to be unaffected by it.  and, well, that's where the convicting thoughts came:  how on earth will my daughter be unfazed by the rude and shallow behavior of other girls, if i am not?  

it is like demanding my children to eat healthy foods, yet only eating junk myself.  children are smart.  they won't fall for hypocrisy.

it's a practice-what-you-preach sort of issue.  and i need to work on mine.  which includes removing the bitterness from my heart when i am around those women.  choosing christ's love for them, since i have none of my own to give.

xoxo, s    


  1. Great post -- how often I feel the same way, and how often I see that the only thing I can chnage is what the Lord does with me. And how badly I want Ellery to be unfazed by the things that have hurt and fazed me. Such a great way to remember that we can't do it on our own, and weren't created to either! Love you, friend!

  2. I hear ya girlfriend. Its a sad and lonely world out there. I've decided it's better to have a few good friends even if they live far away than to try to "befriend" ladies nearby who exhibit some of the nastiest "mean girl" behavior I've ever witnessed. Our children most certainly do watch us for guidance. Taking the high road can be hard and lonely but you will never regret it...being a follower for the sake of not rocking the boat and trying to fit in--well I've had regrets when I knew in my heart a certain someone or group of people were not good for me. To each his own. Many blessings sent your way to put your heart at peace with this dilemma.


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