spring break and a chocolate bunny


spring break has been so speedy this year.  we have enjoyed it.  i have even enjoyed it.

let me say that again:  i have enjoyed spring break.

the mornings have been slow, and quiet.  the children have played together.  i have played with them.  we have played with friends.  i have procrastinated on grocery shopping.  i took the kids to yoga.  i have leisurely cleaned out part of my closet... in anticipation of that pesky move.

ahhhh.... that pesky move.  i had a friend that told me i should print out a moving checklist.  does this mean i have to pull my head out of the sand??

i can't even honestly tell you that the move is what fills the space in my head... i seem full of so many random things.  i feel like such a dabbler these days.  a dabbler that wants to share and feels so fractured when i sit down at the computer.  

i am working on it.  i swear.

i have recipe to share... that i plan on cooking tomorrow.  it will be time number 2.  i have to make sure time number 1 wasn't a fluke.  it was good.  and grain free.  mmmm....

and the photo above?  taken {sheesh, by my iphone not the dslr} in our neglected garden - of our new, real life, chocolate bunny.   our bunny lives in our backyard now... it was hopping from front yard to front yard at dawn and dusk... and i noticed him out the back window two evenings ago and shut the gate!  he seems like a pet bunny that someone let go... i hope i don't become too attached :(

xoxo, s


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  2. Super cute!! I love bunnies. We used a to have a minirex, "Mr. Bunny." I'm chuckling a little bit, because when I saw this picture, my first thought was, "oh no, I hope they're not going to eat the bunny!!!" :-)


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