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i am basking in the glow of long over-due snuggling a friends new baby after a chickfila playdate.  and i am listening to one of my children fight a desperate need for a nap.  the other is sound asleep.

and i am putting the finishing touches on a very large and complex event i am coordinating on saturday.  and i am thankful for god's provision to give me this event.  and the financial compensation for it to coincide with the change of our volvo's timing belt.  sometimes stars align like that.

and i am grateful.

i feel like i write less and less about my children for fear that it would be taken wrongly.  like i am bragging or something.  which it definitely isn't intended to be.  and you know what?  doing things out of fear is the wrong way to live.  absolutely an energy suck.  "what would people think?" "would they think i am boasting?"  "do i sound like i am bragging?"

you know what?  so what.  i am proud of my children as any mother should be.

so i am super proud that ethan memorized the lord's prayer in less than a week.  and savannah has almost memorized it.  i need to find more things for them to memorize.  clearly its a better use of brain space than all the theme songs to tv shows.

and savannah is a smart little stinker.  today i told her she was acting like a monkey and she looked at me and told me that she is not a monkey; she is a human.

well then.

and ethan is building a very detailed, difficult lego house ALL BY HIMSELF.  as in, i don't help at all.

which also means that we have all of our legos out.  but i don't really mind.  as long as i don't step on any barefoot. 


more later.  so much to share, so little time.

xoxo, s


  1. Brag away - it's not really bragging, you're just a proud mama, which is the best way to be. I'm super impressed by Ethan's lego skills- maybe a future engineer in the making?

  2. I agree- brag away! I know I do :)


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