holiday recap

So I started writing this long winded boring post... and I thought, nobody will stay interested enough in this thing to finish reading this.  So instead of tons of paragraphs, pictures and bullet points will solve my problem...

::  I took Birthday donuts for Ethan's birthday to his class on the Friday after his birthday... isn't his little class cute?? 

::  We started off the weekend after Ethan's Birthday at his Nana's and Papa's house in Longview...

::  We celebrated Birthdays - Ethan's and Faustino's with cake and presents... Ethan loved his cake - it had Elmo and Big Bird in a car and a truck... he was beyond excited!

::  We celebrated an early Christmas with my family... I was a bad mommy... and took no pictures of the festivities... **note - I gave my dad Omaha Steaks... this will make sense later in the bullet point list**

::  We enjoyed seeing our extended family and Ethan had fun playing with his second cousins.

:: We got ready for Christmas... we wrapped, we shopped... Ethan didn't feel so hot one day, and I couldn't resist a sickly Ethan picture.  Pathetically cute.  He perked up that afternoon...

::  Then we had the curse of the "bad things happen in 3's"

::  1.  The day before Christmas Eve, Faustino had to have 2 root canals.  Poor guy.

::  2.  Christmas Eve morning, my dad had a heart attack.  I was very upset.  Heart disease runs in the family.  It is scary.  Scary... but he is doing great now.  Looks like he won't be eating any of those Omaha Steaks.

::  3.  Remember the weekend before... we went to Longview... I took the Omaha Steaks...the steaks that were in the freezer in the garage.... welllllll.... I can laugh about it now, but the door to the freezer didn't shut all the way.  So our garage smelled like rotting meat, and I discovered it Christmas Eve afternoon.  So Faustino and I threw away 6 trash bags full of rotting meat.  The smell still lingers... ewwww...

::  But we managed to play in the snow

::  Ethan isn't really a fan of the snow.  But enjoyed pointing it out.  Snow! Snow! Snow! Pointing out every window...  too cute.

::  And Santa came to visit

::  And Ethan got more trains.  Which he loved.

::  And I got a camera.  After the whole freezer incident, I probably deserved coal.

::  But I am seriously excited about my camera.  I love my camera.  I really, really love my camera.  Now I need to learn how to use it...

::  We had Christmas evening at Grammy's house

::  Ethan learned how to play his new harmonica

::  And we had a very Merry Christmas


::  Faustino was on call the day after Christmas, so Ethan and I drove to McKinney for Christmas with extended family.  And amazingly, Ethan had only a 30 minute nap, and not a single melt down.  He helped unwrap, entertained us with his harmonica skills... and then he got into mischief... all boy.




:: And since then we have kept a low profile.  Ethan has played with his new toys and I have worked on figuring out where all this new stuff will fit organization...

:: And now, it is New Year's Eve.  Happy 2010. 

:: And thank you, God, for a healthy baby.  I will never forget last new year, at Cook Children's... with our poor, sick little Ethan.


::  But so this post doesn't end on the sad, sickly photo's of Ethan's allergic reaction to antibiotics we gave him for an ear infection {don't get me started on the topic...}  Let's end it with a cute Ethan photo...


  1. Wow! What an eventful Christmas!!! I love the 'sickly' picture of Ethan although I feel bad that he was sick. I'm sorry to hear about your Dad and am glad he is doing better. I feel your pain about the thawed meat in the garage freezer. Our freezer went out when we were living in Ft. Worth and Alyn lost 6 ducks he was going to have mounted plus all of our beef. I know all about the stink. YUCK! I'm glad you got a new camera. DSLR I see (after seeing the christmas ornament picture). Nikon or Canon? I love my Nikon, the third child of our family. HA! I hope that the new year takes it easy on you. :)

  2. Joley! I am totally feelin' your pain about the ducks!!! Faustino lost all of the venison he just got... and we really eat venison all year long {b/c it is lean, and beef costs more}

    I got a canon rebel t1i... i love it. don't really know how to use it yet... but getting there!

    Happy New Year!

  3. POOR BABY!!! I don't do babies in hospitals very well anymore (as if they were ever a delight to begin with). I am so glad his Christmas/New Years was better than the last.


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