Turning 2

Baby boy Ethan is not a baby anymore.  He is two.  I have been teary all day, because now he is a little boy... really.  Not a baby at all...

I think back to this

And this

This time last year, he wasn't even walking...that happened on 12.22.08... and now he is jumping... not to mention talking -- stringing 2 - 3 words together for cute little sentences...

But, back to turning two...  I didn't give him a party.  Why do I feel so guilty??  He had a blast tonight with my in-laws and pizza, cake, and ice cream.  But I still feel guilty.  I think it is because we have been invited to so many fun parties for Ethan's (and my friends' children) little friends.   And it is a time for the mother of the birthday child to show domestic goodness.  And really, my target cake (which was good, by the way) does not show any sort of domestic goodness.  I made no banner.  I baked no cake.  I came up with no witty themes... darling invitations, memorable goody bags. 

But I remind myself.  None of it really matters.  Because Ethan had a good time tonight... and this small family party was the right choice for us... and then we will go to Longview this weekend and have a small family celebration there.

And next year, when he can ask for a party, and name off individuals that he would like to invite to the party, we will have a party.  Is anybody else out there holding out on the mass birthday party for toddlers?  I feel like one of 3.  or maybe 4... 

oh well, right?  who cares?  this is the last time I am giving it any "air time"

So this was tonight...

And then we tried to take a family photo... this is ethan being forced to sit down... and standing up...  i am scared to say it but... "hello 2's".... the power of free will!

Happy Birthday, Ethan.  You are such a blessing to us.  We love you so much... I could go on and on... you will always be my little baby boy, even though you are growing up and turning into a little boy more and more each day.

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  1. Aww, sweet boy! It sounds like you had a wonderful day. All that matters is that you had a fun-filled family day and remembered to take a few pictures! :) Some parties can get way out of hand!

    I know how you feel about the "am I the only one not doing this" ?!?!?!? That's how I feel about pre-school. But I have recently met some other moms who are not sending their 2.5 year old to pre-school and sometimes it is nice to know you aren't the only one doing (or not doing) something. I mean, if Montgomery is anything like Alyn he will be in school long enough. ;0) At the other end of that spectrum would be burn out from school which is the last thing I would want to contribute to!

    So don't feel guilty for not having a blowout. I can tell you all had a great time and the cake looks delish.


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