a quick trip to san francisco


holy smokes.  it feels like it has been awhile since i have sat down at the computer to blog.

chalk it up to:

1.  a four year old who doesn't nap and is resistant to quiet time.  {do you know how many times and ways i have tried this?  some days are more successful than others.  just out of my mouth: "you actually must be quiet and lay down for it to count as quiet time"}

2.  a 20 month old who wants to do everything by herself but wants my undivided attention.  all.  the.  time.  

3.  a lingering sinus/virus/upper respiratory/case of the sickies/allergy thing that has been around since the day after christmas.

4.  and... faustino took me on a quick little trip to san francisco in conjunction with a fellowship interview.  so i had the pleasure of getting ready to leave, booking our trip, etc.

i still have yet to do all the little things i like to do in january.  like make a zillion lists.  and now, its almost february.   

i feel overwhelmed by all the things i feel like i need to and should be doing.  i guess i need to make a list... :)


but for now i will just hit the highlights of our weekend getaway.

::  san francisco is a great place to visit.  i had never been... and will most definitely go back.  there are several things i would have liked to have done but we were limited on time... and the food options are amazing.  we had the best chinese food {chef jia's} i have ever eaten.  saturday evening we ate at a bistro that was so good.  and it all amounts to the fact that now i really need to work out :)

::  we got a great deal on virgin airlines.  the personal t.v. was nice... the sandwich i ordered was actually good... but the vibe... was trying-too-hard-to-be-cool.  and our flights both ways were delayed.  and on our way there, we had the very unfortunate luck to sit next to some mid-30s guy that must have had outrageous hearing loss because his music was so loud that we could hear it.  loudly.  and he had ear buds in.  it was so loud that i thought someone near us needed to plug headphones in their laptop.  and at what would have been 1 a.m. texas time, he began listening to the ting tings "that's not my name."  on repeat.  i wanted to shoot him. 

::  you could go broke giving money to people who ask for it on the san francisco streets.  one guy asked for $12K.  ha!

::  the shopping is fantastic.  too bad we don't have the disposable income to fund it.  faustino even enjoyed window shopping watches...

::  and it was a little cheesy for me to have seen the speakeasy on the bachelor and want to go... but we did.  was easy to get to from our hotel.  and their drinks were delicious.  cucumber gimlet.  mmm...

::  despite the fact that it was dreary, i enjoyed myself.  though, i didn't take pictures of things i wanted to... because, its not much fun to pull out your dslr in the drizzle... on a pretty day, there are all kinds of photography candy.  the people watching is the best...

::  my kids enjoyed spending the weekend with their grammy.  and were adorable when we came home.   and as a mom, it is so nice to be missed.  so, so, nice.      


  1. so much fun. I'm not a big fan of SF, nice to visit once in awhile, but I would never want to live. Perhaps it's because I grew up so close to it. We'll be going to SF next month for the AAOS Academy. Three of the four 5th years wives will be going, the 4th one who will be 33 weeks pregnant at the time is still on the fence. The wives will only be there for part of the week, but we have a day planned to take a limo to wine country and have lunch a bichon!! All on the department. Can't wait. So glad you guys had a nice little get away. Hope interviews are treating you well. Any favorites? I am in the process of doing all the licensing for Erik's fellowship.... talk about overwhelming!! Take care.

  2. so happy to read you got a little getaway with your husband! sounds like it was wonderful :)

  3. Stephanie! Those are beautiful pics of SF! I love San Francisco, and I'm glad that you got to go with Faustino! Don and I have wanted to fly Virgin airlines bc the commercials make it look like heaven! But I think we are NOT cool enough to fly with them based on your review! Hope the interviews are going well! :)

    xo, sam

  4. davita -- i feel the same way - would not want to live there -- WAY too crowded for me. not to mention the COL is very high. I must say i am totally jealous of your upcoming trip! i even told my husband that SF area was the perfect girls' trip location! what is Erik's fellowship in? i am dreading all that paperwork garbage that is licensing. not my strong side...

    Shannon -- you need a getaway, too... anything on the horizon??

    Sam - you would probably pass the cool test for the airline... us, we were a giant fail. :) the club music while i was on hold for 30 minutes asking about our delay certainly sealed it for me! hey, what is your schedule like -- i need to talk clothes...

  5. He is doing Shoulder and Elbow.

  6. i hear shoulder and elbow is really competitive! :)


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