jumbo gumbo - my favorite gumbo recipe

it is sort of gray out.  rainy and gray.  and really, i haven't minded all that much.  not that i don't love sunshine, but i haven't felt 100%... and i certainly feel a little pissy when i miss all the good weather because i felt gross.  i mean, it's not florida.  we don't get an indefinite amount of 70 degree days.


anyway... feeling crappy and running errands in the rain is something i could do without.  and really,  i could do without the kind of errands that involve work on the car while i entertain offspring in a waiting room.  today was round 2 of fix-the-tire.  and after a couple of phone calls and a long wait where a trashy lady gave me an unsolicited parenting scolding {i must add, she told me that she never negotiated with her children when they were the age of mine.  it took every bone in my body to conduct myself respectfully so i did not set a bad example for the children.  i did tell her that we all have different parenting styles and i would appreciate it if she kept her commentary to herself.  my children were even being quiet and sitting nicely -- although that might have had something to do with my french fry negotiation}, i came out of the battle with a new tire, a mere $760+ ahead of what NTB told me it would be.  word to the wise... a second opinion is critical.  and take that NTB.  and i will never go back to NTB again.  granted, it still needs a little more work {something with the hub??} and the wheels aligned... anyway, for all the mucking around, it was worth it! 

so, with the weather like it is, and faustino's love for duck hunting, it was the perfect time for gumbo round 2.  i miraculously managed to find the handwritten recipe... but had a moment where i didn't know for sure where it went... so, for my own records most of all, i am blogging it.  but really, you should make it.  fantastic gumbo.  and equally fantastic the next day or two... especially when the weather is cold and gray.

do you remember the the first time faustino made his gumbo?  this time was just as delicious.  please let me know if you make it.  sooooo yummy.  even the kids loved it... ethan calls it Jumbo Gumbo.  and last night it was heart warming to watch ethan pick out the shrimp and spoon feed savannah.  so sweet.

and gumbo isn't the prettiest food... but i have to post a picture.  here is my bowl of gumbo for a gray day...


Gumbo Recipe

-  oil of your choice to cook duck and vegetables, as needed.
-  4 duck breasts, chopped into small pieces {1 cm sq.}
-  2 T minced garlic
-  3 cups chopped onion
-  3 cups chopped celery
-  3 cups chopped peppers {combination of red, green, and pablano}
-  1.5 lbs. andouille sausage
-  1.5 lbs. shrimp {shelled and devined}
-  3 cans chicken broth {small cans or equivalent}
-  1 can tomato sauce {14.5 oz can}
-  3/4 cup red wine
-  tony chachere's and cajun breakdown spices to taste
-  tabasco {few dashes}
-  1/2 T fresh chopped oregano
-  kosher salt to taste
-  1 T blackening spice
-  3/4 cup vegetable oil
-  3/4 cup butter
-  flour as needed to thicken roux

-  saute duck pieces with oil and 1 T garlic, set aside
-  broil sausage on low, when finished, slice into rounds 1/4" thick
-  saute vegetables in oil in stock pot until tender
-  while vegetables are sauteing, make roux {3/4 cup vegetable oil, 3/4 cup butter, and flour to desired consistancy (separates with a spoon) and color (carmel)}
-  add tomato sauce, wine and chicken broth to vegetables and bring to a simmer
-  add spices and herbs
-  add shrimp and sausage
-  slowly add roux.  it will start out thinner and slowly get thicker.  thin with water if needed.

-  serve over rice and garnish with fresh parsley

will you please, please make this and let me know what you think???

xoxo, s


  1. Ugg. I just did the whole sit-in-a-tire-waiting room today. I probably would've gone off on someone who said something to me about my negotiating with Cole! He was sitting very quietly, thanks to the bag of snacks I brought!

  2. That looks so good! If I can get my act together, I am definitely going to make it!


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