lessons learned

hi y'all.


sequence rummy. it's a game i bought for the kids. you know, beginning, middle, end. i clearly need to put those skills into practice. obviously my cause and effect sensors are not so sensitive.

you see, i have 2 lessons for you today. you should really learn from my mistakes... because both were not fun. at. all.

lesson 1
i can't seem to catch a break. i don't want to sound all pathetic on here, but just to keep it real, let me say: if you take antibiotics for one week - and then take antibiotics another week - you better be taking probiotics of some sort.

to avoid tmi, i will only tell you that i have been sick sick sick with some sort of little bug that probably wouldn't have bothered me all that much, but i had no flora in my intestines. all the good stuff was killed off. and man, oh, man. friday morning i thought hmmm... somethings not right. by saturday morning i was begging for mercy. i *think* i am on the mend.

and i will be drinking kefir everyday for the rest of my life.

i actually felt better after drinking some. i don't think it was coincidental. did i mention that i had kefir for the kids... kefir i reserve for the children but don't give to myself because i want our grocery bill to be smaller. its like the oxygen mask on the air plane. why can't i get it???

i am curious... has anyone made their own kefir? am i crazy for thinking this might be a good thing?? i mean, if it wasn't as complicated as it seems, i think it would save me a great deal of money. or maybe not... i think raw milk is pricy... it costs so much to be healthy.

anyway, thanks to my husband, my mother-in-law, kefir, and gaterade; i am on the mend.

lesson 2
if you have to tattoo it on your forehead, please do not forget to pick up your husband's only real option of an interview suit at the dry cleaners. saturday, at 4:51, i had this horrifying realization. the cleaners closed a mere 51 minutes prior. his plane left on sunday. they re-opened on monday.

so what's a desperate housewife to do?? make stalkerish, desperate attempts to get in touch with the owner. it worked. praise god. mortified all the way around. let's not talk about this again. okay??

and really, don't cut me any slack about having kids, etc. i mean, you are nice if you thought to do that, but really, don't. even with ethan sick, i still managed to go to the store and pick up printer ink and valentines supplies. i made it to the store to get juice boxes for savannah's valentine's party. i simply forgot. dropped the ball.

whew! now that i have that off my chest maybe i can come back here and write a post where i will look back fondly at my son making valentines and my daughter answering knock-knock jokes.

'til then,


  1. Sorry you've been feeling bad! No fun! And yes antibiotics are amazing...but also a curse! Hang in there mama, give yourself a break! I've needed to tattoo many things to my forehead, and then STILL forgot!

  2. 1. I feel you on the antibiotics. Remember my 10 rounds in a row last spring? Yep... the side effects are awesome. I started taking probiotic pills, and sometimes I tried the ones that are like a little milk shot and put it in a smoothie.

    2. Once I decided to wait til one hour before I was going to leave town to pick up my bridesmaid dress from the cleaners. Because they never mess up. Except for that day, when they lost my dress. The bride probably would have shot me except a friend drove across town to their central location and picked it up (after many frantic calks to track it down). So now I'm 4 weeks out from being a bridesmaid and I haven't even bothered to try on my dress, alter it, dry clean it. But your blog has now reminded me.

  3. thank you joanna for your encouragement...

    and bethe - girl, 10 rounds of antibiotics would merit some sort of award... and i am glad my dry cleaning, um, blunder reminded you about your dress. would hate for a repeat!!

  4. Don't sweat it. Mistakes happen to the best of us! My doctor always says to eat 1 or 2 yogurts per day while you are taking antibiotics!


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