Thank you!

Hi, sweet blog friends. Our wireless modem is barely functioning. So no modem/wifi = very limited blogging. I can hope we are all back to normal by Tuesday night... But that is if everything goes as planned...

Since that is the case, I thought I better just sit down and type this up on my iPad. Which, thankfully has 3G, but still... No photos from my computer :)... And the blogger app I have is for my iPhone. Totally annoying. (Gotta love these first world problems, eh?)

Anyway, the purpose of this post is that a gigantic thank you is in order to all of you that sent warm thoughts my way, as I had a much better week. And feel like I am getting better... I felt beyond blessed with the encouraging things you said in your comments and text messages :)

Thank you!

I even made it to the zoo with the kids last week when it was so pretty out... So when technology is back to status quo in our house, I'll do a big blog photo dump :)

Xoxo, s

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