savannah the brave

we went on vacation last week... did you miss me? :)  i have lots to say, but let me just tell you this little story first.

last night i noticed something on savannah's eyelid, in between her lashes.  i thought it was a scab of some sort... i debated on whether or not to bother my husband with a "come look at this and tell me question"


i sort of ask those a lot.   i mean, wouldn't you if you had a physician in the house?  i am sure it drives him crazy.  he always tells me if i think something is really wrong i should go to my doctor.

and then there are the times where he springs into action.

last night was a spring into action moment.


my little stinker, savannah, somehow managed to host a tick among her eyelashes!  we just wrapped up a week of the great outdoors in the hills of oklahoma, {pictures to follow soon, i swear} and i am quite certain she picked it up on our vacation. 

my husband pulled it out with hemostats while i held her on the couch.  she was so brave.  i was a nervous wreck. {i kept thinking about the hemostats poking her eyeball out.  it made me feel queasy.}  and it makes me want to see my husband in action in the OR.  wow.  he was so calm.  precise.  confident.   


and it probably saved us a bundle to skip the emergency room route.  not to mention how scary it might have been for her.  sheesh.  and would that doctor have been as amazing as the one here at home?  hmmm... methinks not.  :)


my little girl is brave.  my husband is talented.  my heart is full.  now let's hope we don't have a "bulls-eye rash" on her eyelid... 

xoxo, s   


  1. oh.my.gosh.
    so glad dr dad was there to rescue your little cutie!
    i second the wishing to watch the OR action :)

    1. me too. if it had been me with the tick stuck in my eyelid, i would have needed the sedation to have my husband come at my eyeball with a sharp pointed object!

  2. Go Savannah! And Go Faustino! And no to lyme disease...bless it! Colby started at JPS yesterday...here we go! Eeek!


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