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hi there.  weekend blogger, here.  the boys went camping... so savannah and i went shopping with my mother in law.  of course, they will be back by the time you read this.  announcing the the world wide web that it's just the girls at home doesn't seem too smart, now does it?  :) 


silly faces.  she really missed her brother.  and bed time was tricky.

this week past week was our "transition" week.  transitioning from school to summer.  we had no schedule.  well, except for our weekly free stretch and grow class at central market.  i wish it had been around all along.  like, since ethan was a toddler.  excellent free fun.  and free is very good.

so beyond that, we played.  lincoln logs.  tinker toys.  blocks.  books.

we went to the colonial.  dinner in the corkroom.  my children ate chicken fingers... i can't even imagine how many chicken fingers i consumed during my year at colonial.  it was funny for me to watch my children sit there eating them.  while we were in the a/c.  and while i watched other people scurry around.  a teensy part of me missed that excitement.


just a teensy part.  for a fraction of a second.  and then i remembered that it was a pretty damn miserable job.  the end.  :) 

i had another slightly wistful colonial moment a couple of weeks ago, driving away from the kids school when i was at the stoplight by the zoo -- all the carts were being delivered.

that moment passed, too. 

and the kids had fun.  i think ethan riding in the shuttle car sans carseat was his favorite part.  figures.

and that night, i had a migraine.  like, the barfing kind.  fun times.  perhaps brought on by colonial??  hmmm....

and the next day, just a headache.  and a visit from my mother.  and a t-ball game.  and ice cream celebration.

ethan asked a thousand times when would nana come.  and a thousand more, when would it be time to go camping.  i hope i can keep him as entertained for the rest of the summer :)

still working on a daily schedule.  soooo hard.  i am an unstructured person who wants to be intentional with my time.  who isn't a fan of early mornings, but feel as if i have no choice.

in other news, faustino's garden of wonders has been plagued with some sort of horrifying spider mite infestation.  please send your good, green, garden rebound vibes our way.  our poor tomatoes could use it.  so sad i am hesitant to even photograph it.  here's to hoping the neem oil does the trick.

and lastly, i have been working on a post about my lessons from living in our little house.  it is my 8th anniversary here and i have many things to say.  lessons learned that should be documented.  but that also have a tendency to sound whiny and ungrateful.  i mean, i feel horrible complaining about the slugs or the foundation issues that cause doors not the close, or the random folks that walk down the street.  but i have to put it all in there or the good things don't seem as authentic.  like the fact that my kids still enjoy "cooking things" and playing trains and cars, without kitchens or special tables.  and that them sharing a room has been one of the sweetest blessings.  they are close.  most of my friends don't have their little ones sharing rooms when they are tiny.  i would have never have done it.  but we did out of necessity.

some really beautiful lessons that whisper to me, "trust His plan.  His plan is beautiful.  His provision is perfect.  His timing is without error." do not stress.

have a happy, stress-free, and safe holiday weekend.

xoxo, s


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