my little chickadee is two

my little savannah.  she is such a big girl.  and somehow, on her second birthday, she internalized her self turning into a big girl - because i see a "big girl" difference in her.


i'm just going to preface this post with a disclaimer:  i am going to be a braggy mom.  i really hate braggy moms, but hey, its my daughter's birthday and i feel like being braggy.  :)


she is so smart.  i mean, i can't get over her vocabulary.  unprompted.  sometimes it catches me off guard - i will think. "you said, what??"  and the comprehension.  amazing.  like, she knew if she gave up her paci, she got to ride forward in the car.  it was the only thing that got us through that first paci-free night!


and she is delightful.  she makes me laugh.  she loves me and wants to be with me.  it. is. so. sweet.  and her little giggle just melts me.  and her dancing.  and flirting.  she is a ham.  and she loves her brother.  to hear them play and laugh together is the sweetest song.

and she really is a cutie.  {i know, i am totally that mom, right now}  but i just love having a girl.  i can dress her up.  and it is like having this adorable little doll!  we have been the recipients of much clothing generosity... i feel blessed to indulge in dressing her up everyday...  finding a bow that coordinates and putting it in her glossy blond hair {my dad was blond as a baby, and so was my SIL.  i secretly always wanted blond hair...}


she is social... likes having friends.  and she likes brother's friends, too.  oh, boy.   she is clever... and brave.  and she is proud of ethan and misses him when they are apart. 

she is the sweetest little gift.


her stats:  she's 30 lbs. and she is 34.5 inches tall.  she is in a size 2T, although i can make the 18 month clothes stretch a little further with leggings.  and she's big enough that sometimes a larger size will work, too.  she is in her last pack of size 4 diapers.  they are getting too snug.  we will try to potty train this summer... but i won't push.  {i've learned my lesson}


we had a very tiny family celebration for her, on her actual birthday, the 28th, and she loved it.   she looked forward to her party and soaked up every minute of it.  we were blessed with nice weather, and it was really sweet for everyone to make the trip.  it was perfect.  and let me tell you, there were no decorations, or special plates, or favors or games.  and that was perfect, too.  because there is truth and beauty in simplicity.  my focus was on savannah.  and not spending unnecessary money :)



i don't know what our lives would be like without her and i am so thankful for my sweet daughter.  my little chickadee.  she is perfect for our family.  we are blessed, indeed.  happy birthday, savannah.

xoxo, s

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