some garden in's and out's and a big announcement

last weekend was definitely the kind of weekend that it would have been appropriate for me to cart my camera around.  or even to have snapped photos on my phone. 

did i? 

exactly.  so i will just sprinkle garden photos throughout.  :)

last friday night i corralled the two grasshoppers at one of my husband's colleague's homes to reveal what gender their baby would be {girl!  yay denise!}

and then we came home, put the kids to bed, and my husband began prep work on his jumbo gumbo.  a huge batch.  it was for another colleague's annual craw-fish boil.  we made a day out of it and this is where i am kicking myself for not having my camera.  ethan ran around with another boy and girl his age and they terrorized the living craw-fish before they met their fate in the giant pots.  :)



savannah found the bucket of treats for the kids and managed to convince any and everyone to open snack sized oreos, rice krispie treats, and peanut butter crackers.  she also became quite smitten with a four month old baby {who's mom was so relaxed about savannah loving on her baby!}  and ethan pointed at the chubby baby folds and told the mom that the baby had two armpits on one arm.  :)



it was really fun and relaxing... and of course, my husband's gumbo was a hit.  :)

this week i have been working on our garden.  finishing mulching, planting new herbs, flowers, watering, etc.  i haven't really taken the time to post about faustino's garden of wonders this year...   i started the cucumbers, squash, zucchini, and beans from seed.  and the sunflowers.



and i started eggplant from seed, but faustino bought a transplant and told me he didn't have room for my eggplant seedlings along with the transplant (i am sure it was because we had three eggplant plants and eggplants coming out of our ears last year).  and some zinnias.  i planted the eggplant and zinnias in the empty spot against the house where the rose bushes are.  but me, being a genius, didn't realize that our lack of rain gutters would cause a flooding issue in that spot.  whoops.



and i planted marigolds from seeds, but they are still really small.  with no blooms.  they are under the green been trellis. 

the beans i had to direct sow, because i tried to do them in jiffy pots and somehow i managed to screw them up.  mushy, non-sprouting beans.  :(



i really thought i snapped a iphone photo of my seed trays... i have scoured iphoto though.  no luck.  the seedlings are one of my favorite parts of the garden.  i feel like a little kid doing a science experiment... planting the seeds... watching them sprout.  remembering them as tiny seeds once they are great big plants.  kind of like motherhood, right?



and then, the weeds.  you know who likes to help his mama weed the garden?  mr. pickles.  and he would always ask me for clarification first:  "mom, is this a weed?"  soo cute.


another one of my favorite parts of the garden is when plants start to send runners out and climb the trellis.  cucumbers are really my favorite, but i like the green beans, too.



and i have wanted to plant succulents in this very pot since 2004.  yes, the first summer here.  and why on earth i waited until 2012 to do it baffles me.  but, here are my little guys.


and now my brain is totally fried.

but i must leave you with two important pieces of information:

1.  savannah no longer sleeps with a paci and will be TWO tomorrow.  we turned the car seat this morning as an incentive for paci free sleep.  nap time proved to be a beating and i let her have her paci back with the tip cut off... it didn't work and she cried for me to fix it.  so sad.

2.  we found out today that faustino's fellowship will be in la jolla!  we are moving to the san diego area for a year in the summer of july 2013 {we have over a year left here.}  any tips??

big news, eh?  :)

have a lovely weekend!

xoxo, s


  1. Is it terrible if I confess to you that I scrolled all the way through the garden info, and went straight to the news? Congrats! San Diego will be beautiful! I'm sure you are thrilled! And yes, I went back and read the garden post and I'm amazed at all of your planting and nurturing...I'd kill them all. Let me know if you have any extras or "more eggplants than you know what to do with!" :)

  2. Congrats again! I'm jealous of your garden. Looks lovely. Too dang cold up here for such beautiful things. If we have $ we might go visit SD while y'all are there. Mini-reunion!:)

  3. How exciting! San Diego sounds wonderful! A good friend of mine moved there a year ago and loves it! And I am very impressed with your garden. I just want some pots of fresh herbs but never seem to get around to it...

  4. First off CONGRATS to your little family! What an exciting place to live for a year! I can only imagine how great it feels.

    Ok, that garden - its amazing. I wish I lived closer so you could show me some tips. I really stink at plants and gardening... we actually had succulents in TX and I killed them- no joke- thats how bad I am.

  5. also I've been meaning to ask you where do you get Savannah's hair bows?

  6. Yea! San Diego is one of my very favorite cities in the whole US. What a wonderful place to live for a year! Imagine the plants you can grow in that beautiful, mild climate?!

    PS--I was in FW almost every day last week and kept forgetting to ask for your address. Now I won't be there for another two weeks or so, so please donate that tomato stake-thing to someone else, I'll have to snag one at the store closer to home. But thanks for the sweet offer! And I'm super impressed with your garden, especially the succulents... I may have to try those this year. We're using a lot of succulents at my gala for centerpieces this month - it's the new trendy thing. Well done!

  7. Congratulations, Stephanie!! How exciting is that!?? You are going to give San Diego a run for their money!! I can't wait to see all your blog posts!!
    And your garden...you are super mom.

  8. my friends!! thank you! thanks for your support and encouragement and comments... and i am sorry i didn't respond sooner, but they were all blessings to me :) xoxo, s


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