easter shenanigans

hello blog, how are you?  i've been distracted.  with this.


not the kids.  i mean, yes, i have been busy with the kids, but the dress has been especially distracting.  i decided that savannah needed something... so i embarked on sewing my first children's corner pattern.  i learned a lot.  and spent a lot of time on it.  because i am a novice.  i think that most people could have made multiple dresses in the time it took me to make this one... but i am still pleased.

i almost want to make it again in different fabric so that i can see if my time would improve.

my mantra when i got to any "hard" or "scary" parts:  there are a lot of stupid idiots that sew.  because, there are.  i mean, have you seen some of the folks that are in hobby lobby looking through the pattern books?  it is total i-can-sew-anything inspiration.  i'm not saying i'm better than them, but i know that if they can figure out a pattern, i can too.

i was very pleased, actually.  

she wore it to our church's easter egg hunt.  which, i have to say, is a great event.  it is every bit as good as a country club easter egg hunt without the crowds or clothing comparisons and in a more peaceful setting.

savannah's favorite part was the pony rides.  she went 3 or 4 times... and one time there was no line so she just stayed on for a while.  she made her choice very clear every time we did another activity.  in fact, while "hunting" eggs, she turned to me and said:  "i want to ride the pony, mommy.  please??"




brother liked the pony ride, too.  but i think he enjoyed the petting zoo quite a bit.  at first he and savannah were both thrilled.  ethan approached the animals gently.  savannah assaulted them.  a bunny bit savannah.  and then just brother and i enjoyed the animals.  i think, more than the pain and shock of the bite, the rabbit hurt savannah's feelings.  she had the pitiful, rejected look on her face.  and bite marks on her wrist.  :)



and of course, the fake "easter bunny" was horrifying for savannah.  i don't blame her.  but ethan was so sweet.  comforting her... melt my heart.


at some point after this, i got some bubbles popped on my camera lens.  i didn't figure it out until the next day, so we are going to have to deal with some blur.

it might have been when the kids were blowing bubbles.


or it might have been when savannah had her "2 years old and younger" egg hunt and she found some bubbles.  opened them and poured them into the basket.  nice.


ethan loved "catching" eggs.  and i took a million photos of his cute plaid tush up in the air while he was picking out eggs.  he was quite choosy about which ones he wanted.  so we didn't end up with a ton.  thank god.  less candy and crap-o-la to deal with.


and after the activities, we ate these great sliders and watched the butterfly release.  {butterfly release was a little ho-hum after having been to see the butterflies a week ago, but no complaints here}



and the best thing about the egg hunt was that my husband and mother-in-law came with me and the kids.  verses just me and the kids the year prior.  way more enjoyable when we are all together.

and then savannah turned into a pumpkin before we made it home.


the next morning my dear husband had to go put people back together again at the hospital, but the kids and i managed to make it to church.  the morning started off with the children being very uninterested in their beloved morning yogurt, and very interested in consuming substantial amounts of easter candy.  sister managed to eat a great portion of hers and complain loudly that she couldn't take brother's.  amazing how that child eats.

i tried to take pictures of the kids before we left {my lens unbeknownst to me was still smudgy} but look what i am up against. do these rascals ever smile at the same time??






on our way into church we saw one of my favorite friends in the courtyard, and she managed to capture both of my children looking at the camera.  was very sweet of her.  


ethan had the sweetest moment where he didn't put his money in the plate and started to cry once i softly asked why, because it was for people who didn't have any money.

we walked up to the back of the church just so he could put it in the plate.  i choked back tears the whole time.  my darling, sensitive little boy.  his behavior was wonderful.  i felt so full.


and then that evening we had really delicious ham dinner and egg hunt with my mother in law.


it was an easter spent well.  and to prove it, i had to fight stains on cotton, linen and seersucker that night.  :)

xoxo, s


  1. Oh my goodness, love that little dress! You're a pro now! I keep telling myself if I ever have a little girl, THEN I'll venture into sewing clothes.

    And love their little Easter outfits... and the seersucker blazer. Too cute. Glad you guys had a nice Easter.

  2. this is my new favorite post :) your kids are so adorable and the dress was AWESOME! and the expressions on both their faces are too funny.

  3. LOVE the dress and headband! So, so cute and looks like you bought it! I also love the pics before church. What a wonderful Easter weekend :)

  4. You did great! So so cute! And I love their Easter pictures, so precious and the green background is perfect. I don't blame sister..that Easter bunny is creepy!

  5. "Have you seen some of the folks that are in HL looking through the pattern books?" OH STEPHANIE! You make me laugh!!! You know, your mother always sewed the most beautiful things for you and your sis. It's neat to see you doing the same for your kiddos. :)


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