oh, savannah

this was my attempt at finding a little space last week during an hour while the rug-rats were at school.  i could lie, and say i left feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer life.  but i think i should have napped instead.

savannah hasn't been sleeping well.  i think it has something to do with her majorly junky cough she has going on. 

its been brutal.

she's been ultra clingy.  and brother doesn't really like it.  because he is now ultra clingy to vie with her behavior.

if i had a nickle for every time the words "i want mommy" were said.  holy crap.  nice, new shoes on my feet.

and i want to just say, that i am not complaining.  but gosh, i have become weary.  i am actually feeling a little better after spending a few hours with friends.  this stay at home mom stuff is not for the weak, i tell you.  the day in, day out... no real escape from being wholly needed.  not having a real adult outlet... the overwhelming sameness that can cloud my sight and thoughts.

don't get me wrong-- i do not want to go back to work.  it is just really hard to keep my wits without a good night of sleep and very whiny kids!  at some points last week {and this week} i thought:  mommy is l o s i n g it.  

but, like i said, i am feeling better.

i did see a lizard while i was taking my botanic garden time out.  
and even with the absence of my children i decided to catch it.  i am a total weirdo.  :)

i don't know how much i have talked about little savvy on the blog.  she is quite the verbal child.  an example of her antics:  "please, mommy, i sure do want to eat."  she can pretty much articulate anything she wants.  she does mispronounce milk, omitting the "l" so that it sounds like "mik" and she runs it together with "want" so "wantmik" becomes one word.

we go outside in the evenings... she likes to hold a sprig of mint and rosemary and have me smell them.

other than that, her language is pretty crystal clear to me.  much different than ethan's pointing and grunting, and gibberish and single words mixed with 3 word sentences that he gave me at this age.  it is nice to communicate.  it is frustrating to hear her articulate exactly what she wants and to tell her "no"  {mommy, i want curious george, now.}  but sincerely endearing to hear ethan and savannah talk to one another and actually play.  and heart melting when she turns to me and tells me that she loves me.

trying to teach her that her name starts with "s"

i tried these shoes on her after school to make sure they fit.  she nearly lost it when i took them off for her nap.  
so i let her sleep with them and a dress she wanted to wear... crazy girl.

and infuriating when she throws a gargantuan fit and adds in manipulation tactics.  smart girl.

but at times, you can actually reason with her.  the hurdle isn't the language barrier.  it is her strong will. 

very strong will.

delightfully strong will.

making a joke:  "mommy, i sleep in the tent! hahahaha"

one day while ethan was at school she pulled her shirt up and started running around in circles saying: "i'm ironman!"

i should also mention a few notable moments from last week.  i had a double heart attack at the botanic gardens when she drank out of a puddle when i thought she was just bending down to look at something.  {i found out from her declaration, "look mommy, i'm drinking!!!!}  and eat mulberries {which we quickly googled to see what she had eaten, "i eat the yummy berries, mommy"}  no harm done.  just stress on me! 

she's quite the swinger.  she did jump out of the swing, twist around, and face plant onto the gravel.  
after a few tears and a sip of water, she said, "i want more swing, please."  rascal.

and you think i am not watching her, but seriously, this happens in an instant.  she is a quick one.

crazy sister.

zebra hat at school.  cutie.

zoo fun with sweet friends.  top animal savannah wanted to see:  the hippos.  go figure.

all photos courtesy of the iphone.  i will try to be more intentional with the DSLR.

xoxo, s

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