quick little update

i don't know why i seem to have writers block lately.  but i do.  for whatever reason {active children, perhaps??} i feel like time spent in front of the computer is majorly wasted.

and truthfully... it might be.

so, since sister just went down for a nap, and ethan is drawing, i have a moment.  but just a moment.

and fyi... we survived the storms here yesterday.  my heart goes out to the people affected.  the footage on the news last night was unreal.  tractor trailers flying through the air.

so here are a few photos...


sick day.  they don't look sick do they??  well... ethan had a fever, so we are home.  :)


some zoo action...




and the museum.  and for the record - both of my kids weren't nearly as enthusiastic as i had envisioned about the grossology exhibit.  i think they were too young :(  i mean, have you been?  did you see the creepy pig in the corner by the pinball machine?  what on earth did he have to do with the exhibit??  y i k e s

more later.  i swear.


  1. Stephanie,
    This is Laura's mom-Sherry. I have to tell you I LOVE reading your blog. You, my sweet girl, are a very impressive young woman! I had absolutely no idea you were so talented or that you loved to cook, sew, do crafts, garden, etc. Your children are precious and love the Easter pictures. I get my laugh for the day every time I read a post from you.
    Love you!

  2. Sherry - YOU are so sweet! Thanks for all the compliments! after a busy evening wrangling tired children, i needed your pick me up! take care!

    xoxo, s


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