hello, monday.

did you have a nice weekend?  

we stayed busy.  this weekend was ethan's first t-ball game.   




isn't he cute??  doesn't he look so big and so little at the same time?  do you know he hasn't once complained or said he doesn't want to play?  he has had a great attitude.  at times, when the team was in the outfield, they had some funny moments.  it looked like a soccer game with the kids chasing after the ball in a mob.  he has had some totally spacey moments.  and he hasn't quite mastered any sort of hustle.  and i think my husband can now empathize with me on some of my "c'mon, ethan!" moments.  we have a dawdler on our hands.  my mother in law let me in on a little secret and now i think it might be genetic :)

savannah has been enjoying her role as supporting sister.  and she's been taking time to flirt with her brother's friends... this cute little boy in particular.  i kid you not.  she turns on the charm and says, "come and catch me!"  his name is william and he is a cutie.  and he flirts back.  oh boy.




and by the way, amy, i totally got the stain out of this one!  it took a little soaking and then some drying in the sunshine.  total stain fighting win!  

and today was the last day of school.  i took my camera so that the kids could have a photo with their teachers (even though savannah's last day was friday.  i forgot my camera.)

ethan's teachers could not have been more perfect for him.  they were so laid back and enjoyed him.  i loved leaving him in their care; i knew he was loved on while i was away.  his teachers understood his silly little antics.  and enjoyed them.  isn't it apparent in the "silly" photo?  love.




and savvy has loved mrs. melissa.  me too.  sweet, and patient.  reassuring.  savannah was too young for mrs. tracy's class, but all was okay.  melissa was awesome.  and savannah's little class was sweet.  no hitters or biters.  that's always a major bonus.  and melissa used washable paint.  another total bonus since i have a very messy little grub on my hands.

this week kicks off summer and i don't quite have my summer organized yet.  i feel like i need a plan.  except right now i think about it and it feels like paddling across the ocean in a rowboat.  completely overwhelming.  suggestions???

and *i think, but am pretty sure* my new birthcontrol pill has made me extra emotional.  extra sensitive.  and bitchy at times.  and i would like to say its made me gain a pound or so, but honestly, that's probably due to some food indulgences.  like stress eating a can of almond roca last week.  

so hopefully i can get my hormones straightened out and be a nicer person.  and hopefully i can get my act together and plan an intentional very fun summer for my children.  and hopefully i can keep it together and not get emotional as my sweet boy finishes his time in the 3 year old class when i go pick him up in a bit.

xoxo, s


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