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there is a blond-headed little one in my house who's naps have been hit or miss.  and there is a hazel-eyed little boy who's lesson time has been hit or miss.

so my afternoons have been the same, hit or miss.  but mostly they are a miss.  because if one child is on, the other is off.

always.  and you know what?  that is okay.

i am just trying to soak up this season with a good attitude.  because there are so many little moments that are really awesome.  savannah starting sentences with "well..."  and ethan building lincoln log masterpieces.  savannah giving swimming lessons to her babies.  ethan proudly catching a gecko.


many sweet moments in my summer. 


and i would be amiss to tell you i wasn't enjoying a few solitary trips to the grocery store because of their little summer school in july.  i am heartbroken it won't continue on through august!!  do you know how quickly i can get in and get out?  wow.  and do you know how enjoyable it is to browse?  wow.  and do you know what pure joy it is to "miss" your children?  sigh.


but the summer will press on.  and i will try my damnedest to enjoy it.  to meaningfully plan it.  to wake up with renewed patience.

because whether i like it or not, i get to serve these little people.  these little people who i love and who love me.

and check out the photo below.  faustino found this guy and took a picture of it.  isn't it amazing, really?  new and fresh coming out of its shell... i had never witnessed a cicada hatching out of its shell before.  cool but sort of creepy.  its from earlier in the summer, but i just realized i hadn't yet shared it.


and since this post is all over the place, i might as well share something a little heavier. 

its a thought i have been wrestling with lately.  when i have a big "aha moment", i have to mull it over.  think hard about it.  test it out... pray about it.  it might be something that i have heard before.  it might be such an obvious truth to other people.  but for me, i have to flesh it out.

"normal" isn't always the best path.  or god's chosen path.  and this is good.

i mean, duh.  how obvious is that one?

but that is the underlying current of some of my prayers for others, for my family, my children.  that things are easy.  that things go as planned.  that everything is nice and neat and normal.  how foolish i am.  god doesn't promise any of those things.

but god is good.  and living and trusting that is hard.  i've seen things served up in packages lately that are not pretty.  but, i must trust that they are good.

annnnnd, that's enough heavy thinking today.  :)

have a great wednesday afternoon.  i'm going to tackle some sewing projects.

xoxo, s

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