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my children are fighting sleep.  savannah has slept all of 10 minutes in the car on the way home... i hear her... loudly singing sing a song of sixpence with baa baa black sheep mixed in.


we played with our sweet friends today... which is always a treat.  a little swim.  a little sand.  and two sandy kids in bed asleep{ish}.  i'll take what i can get with the naps these days.


and here they are getting sandy.


they had so much fun.  thanks, amy.  it really is a child's paradise.  

and let it be noted.  last night, ethan ate every bite of this:

IMG_1130 - Version 2

yes, that is spinach.  and feta.  and my favorite avocado cilantro dressing.  and that is chicken breaded in almond flour.

success for the picky eater.  

i attribute that to lots and lots of strong will on my part.  and my trick here.  and the fact that there is next to zero junk food around this place.  no chips.  no cookies.  no treats.

so parents, stay strong.  i NEVER ever in a million years thought we would be at this point.  he even said, "i really like this."


big time, folks.  i went from selling salads for fancy events to selling salads to my kids.  mighty big difference.

mmkay.  computer time is up.  back to work.

xoxo, s

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