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this morning i decided to let the kids watch one of my childhood favorites, mary poppins.  let me save you the effort and disappointment.  this was a giant fail.  i remember the movie had some boring parts... but apparently in today's world, this movie does not hold a candle to cars or toy story.  and truthfully, it sort of drags on forever.

oh well.

instead my living room has been turned into a construction zone with ethan's crane and bulldozer, a million blocks, and all 450 of our matchbox cars.

pretty much a disaster that is making them both very happy.  and i like them to play with their toys.  and truthfully, i like our very low key mornings at home.  because i know that this time is so very fleeting.  they won't always want to play at home with their toys in the summer.  they won't always enjoy low key.

i wrote the above sentences yesterday morning.  and then ethan wanted me to build a house with him.  and then a city.  and then, and then, and then.

no blog post.

and now, i have to go pick the rugrats up from their little summer school program.

time. moves. so. quickly.

but here are a few photos from last week when we celebrated the fourth of july at the botanic gardens.  ethan keeps referring to it as the birthday party for co'merica.  :)

and in true savannah-fashion, she made sure to flirt with the man in front of us all night.  we probably were fine birth control for that childless couple.  :)





was this really our last fourth of july concert in the garden??  i am starting to get sad as we have less than a year here.  i want to sit down and put serious thought into a to do list for all we must see and do in fort worth before the year is done. 


and what do you think about our wind chime??  ethan dreamed up that he needed his daddy to make one with him... now, i have no clue where he came up with this idea... but he had the time of his life on saturday... going to lowe's, using tools... making a design.  very cute indeed.

xoxo, s


  1. Oh no!!! I LOVE Mary Poppins!!!!! Cute pics

    1. thanks, chelsea. maybe you and logi can come over and we can sing all the songs and see if he gives us more than a glance here and there! ;)


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