The Garden & Some Randoms

this past weekend was a productive one.  {opposed to the several very lazy ones that i had in february}

so... the weekend recap:

first and foremost:  the house stayed clean-ish.  which means i was "on" all weekend, picking up and nagging.  the house can really turn into a pit if i'm "off" verses "on"  and then... monday is a beast.  recover the house from its pit-like state and do monday's chores... which should be the bulk of my house work so that i am freed up for other projects in the week.  BUT  i had a killer headache on sunday night, got next-to-no sleep, so monday was still a beast.  just a different kind of beast.  :) 

secondly:  we planted the garden.  now we just REALLY need some rain this spring.  almost all my seedlings were transplanted, and leftovers were sent to a friend who wants to plant green beans in her family garden.

the rest of the garden came from starter plants.



except the lettuce.  they are from seeds too.  i am trying some in a row, and some in a pot...


i also started our cucumber seeds. they don't have cucumber plants at the nursery yet...


my mother got me these copper markers - aren't they cool?  too bad they actually are taking me a chunk of time to write on... i thought it would go a bit quicker.  i want to ditch all the paper markers...



and now we wait.  and we pray that we don't get a freeze.  or else we will be starting over...

i have a little spot in the back of the yard that i don't know what to do with...  suggestions anyone?  fruit is pretty much out, seeing as how we practically live in the desert.

third:  ethan got a tee-ball set and a new fishing pole.  my husband used the excuse:  "when my son asked for a new fishing pole, how could i tell him no?"  and i said, "hmm... i'll remember that one.  it will come in handy."

***sarcastic side note, isn't it fun having an alley behind the house??***





and fourth:  we also made it to church.  that is a feat in and of itself.  and the kids continue to sit with us.  {hmm... that might be another blog post entirely.  i've become somewhat opinionated on that one.  i mean, how on earth do you teach kids how to behave in church if they are always in the nursery?}

i also made this chili.  saturday was a chili kind of day.

and i've debated on whether or not to blog this, but i am trying to be more transparent... and not just put all the easy stuff out here on the blog.  anyway, i am a ball of nerves this week... because i am having some work done on my sinuses on friday.  apparently it's no big deal, but i've never had surgery... so its a little scary.  and i might be out of commission for awhile.  my mom and mother-in-law are going to be filling in for me "at work" - dare i say it?  i'm taking "vacation"  hahaha!  it will be nice to breathe and not have chronic sinus pain though...  so maybe if you are the praying kind, will you say a little prayer?  thanks.

sounds like we'll have a blast on spring break... :)

and i leave you with a confession.  i bought a bag of cadbury mini eggs and put them in my closet.  i told no one.  i ate the entire bag by the end of the weekend, horder style.  they are my favorite... i didn't want to share!!  horrifying, no??


  1. the garden looks great! it's still too cold and yo yo weather wise out here to start our garden.

    i will keep you in my thoughts. i hope that your surgery goes smoothly and that you recover quickly. that is great that you'll have some help.

    i had to laugh about the eggs. hello?!! i confess to doing that at least once a week. i have a thing for those haribo gummy bears and i don't like to share them!!! i'm glad i'm not alone....

  2. Hi Steph!

    Your garden looks great! And the copper tags are incredible. We are tilling up a section of our yard on Friday for our 1st garden - I am SO excited! So any tips you have would be much welcomed. By the way, what is the trellis for?

    Also, about the sinus surgery - when I was in Jr High (I think?) I had surgery to fix a deviated septum and they pretty much Roto Rootered my sinus because I was having at least 4 sinus infections a year. The recovery really wasn't bad at all. Only thing that wasn't fun was having my sinus packed. But well worth the slight discomfort to be relieved of all the sinus trouble!

    It was wonderful seeing you at Brett's ranch!
    Much love,
    Melissa L.

  3. SO jealous of the garden!! We're selling our house, so I don't to plant anything here. I'm going to miss fresh herbs!! Good luck Friday. I'll say a prayer!

  4. Ok, I'm jealous of your garden! We live in a rental so no garden for us!

    My mom just had a similar surgery and recovered super fast. The only thing she said was uncomfortable was having her sinus packed. But she said it was totally worth it! But I will say a little prayer that your "vacation" goes smoothly :)

  5. y'all are so sweet about the garden - it is all the brain child of my husband. if i were the one solely in charge, our garden wouldn't be so green... he has a knack for it, and has spurred my interest. it really has been fun.

    thank you all for being so supportive about my surgery. i'm always anxious of the unknown...

    @davita - thanks for making me feel better about my "mommy" treats. those dang kids would eat everything if i didn't hide it!

    @melissa - the tall trellis is for the green beans, the short for the cucumbers. and it is nice to know that you had the surgery and you thought is was worth it!

    @amanda - i bet you could do some herbs in some containers, and move them with you... martha has a good one from last year, prob. on website.

    @chelsey - nice to know that your mom recovered super fast. ucc is on spring break, so at least i won't be doing drop off and pickup with a huge bandage on my nose :)

  6. I love the copper plates you used in your garden. Can you tell me how you did them and where your mom got them?


  7. Cadburry mini eggs are my ultimate favorite!! No judgement here, and yes I can eat a whole bag by myself. Praying your surgery goes well! Ps- I so wish we had a garden!

  8. @Marcy - Thank you! They were from some garden store in Longview, but I googled copper garden marker and it looks like a bunch of people sell them, and eBay has some good deals...

    I found a font on the computer that was similar to my handwriting, and printed them off sized correctly for each word {cucumber needed to be smaller than basil, for example}

    Then I traced the word with a ball point pen, pressing firmly.  That gave me an idea of where each letter need to be, so then I went over the word with the pen, writing directly on the copper.

    I take it that you have a garden?.  Do tell!

    @Joanna - they are seriously the best candy ever created. Why can't they make a christmas version? I might not be so crazy about them if the supply was better! But only one time a year and they turn me into the crazy lady hiding candy in her closet!

  9. Love, love, love the copper signs. They add a certain FLAIR to your adorable garden. I love even more that you hoard candy secretly. ;)


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