my sweet mother drove back to visit us for the 4th time in two weeks. this time, it was not to help around the house while i recovered. it was to treat ethan to a day with thomas the train.

it was fun- ish.  ethan was in heaven.  but i won't do it again.

i called my mom today and said, "are you really tired or is it just me?" and she said "oh my gosh, i am so glad you said that. i thought it was just me."

i was beat down. so. tired.

faustino said, "isn't it just a train?"

no, no.  much more.   the petting zoo.  the blaring kids music.  the sandbox.  the corndogs.  the tent with train tables and toddlers fighting for train engines.  the kids running every which way wearing thomas t-shirts....  oh my.

but ethan really got a kick out of it... it was worth the effort.  and savannah enjoyed the train ride very much.


in this photo he first saw the train. pure delight. you can only imagine...


and the sandbox. my word. toddlers throwing sand. parents not stopping it. not enough toys. ethan loved every minute of it and we played here twice. twice. do notice the thomas tattoo. :)



i ask you, could i look any more tired? and this is the best of all 6 photos of me. thats not saying much.


we skipped the "real pictures" in front of the train? why you ask? time and money my friends.

would i recommend this day out with thomas to you? yes. ethan was so thrilled when he saw the train pull into the station right before we boarded that other people were laughing at his display of amusement. he's talked about it non-stop... and he had excellent behavior for the most part because he knew it was a special trip for him.

but am i still recovering...? well, yes. yes, i am.


  1. Oh my word. Ethan looks so cute in that first picture. Like it was the best day of his little life. Glad you survived:)

  2. Looks like fun. We took my neices and nephews when they were Ethan's age. They loved it! I'm glad you had fun and hope you recover from the outing soon. :)

  3. I'm dying over... "isn't it just a train?" Oh my, if it were that easy I would have 8 kids by now! I love how easily husbands forget that in the midst of 'just the train', comes all the tantrums, crying, kicking and screaming! HA!

    Yes! I would love to get coffee!! I am so excited you asked!! Monday would probably be the best {Ellie has UCC Monday's} where, when.. let me know!!

    My email is chels.wilson@hotmail.com... I would give you my # but remember I just got the phone and still dont know how to use it :)

  4. That first picture of Ethan is hysterical! He literally looks like he is going to BURST with excitement. I just love it!! :)


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