Seriously -

this is why i wear shoes at all times in my house.


nasty slugs.

i just went to our little bathroom, flipped the switch, and nearly had a heart attack.  i grabbed my camera to document him before his watery demise, and when i put the camera up, he had stretched out even longer.  easily 4.5 inches at that point.


our house is crooked and cracked.  it becomes more-so everyday.  i thought about filling in all the bathroom cracks, but then read that slugs can squish through even the smallest of cracks.  so i didn't even bother.  would you?  spending all that time to fill the cracks, and then when they widen, it is useless.  nasty, nasty, nasty.  

i think i used 20 squares of charmin to pick him up to flush him.  i still have the heebyjeebies.  ewwww!

jealous?  you should be!!

i have lots to post about... but i had a killer headache last night and was worthless all day {as in, i didn't wear any makeup to drop ethan off at school, and then tried to nap when sister napped today.  i never "waste" a school day like that.  and, i think savannah is trying to get some new teeth and so she really gave me a run for my money today.  and i have to eat my words... maybe teething is a beast.} so my blogging time didn't really happen...

tomorrow, i will be back.  with a real post...

sorry to gross you out people.  but this is my life.... slugs and all :)

xoxo, stephanie


  1. yuck! i hope your head is feeling better. it's no fun being down and still having to take care of little ones on your own.

  2. yeah you found me! :) Now slugs I have never dealt with! GIANT cockroaches yes, but never slugs... yuck!

  3. WHERE are they coming from?!?!?!


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