Just to let you know...

i really really really love it when you comment.  that's all.

just thank you, friends.

it's like a conversation.  it's really nice.  

also, i really loved it when i was dropping ethan off at preschool and someone said "you don't know me, but i read your blog..."  {not stalkerish, her daughter goes there too, her husband is in med-school, she is super sweet}

isn't this blog stuff fun?  new friends!

but you know what isn't fun?

kids that don't really nap well in the afternoon.  let's hope that next week brings a renewed interest in afternoon sleep from the offspring. 

and then perhaps i can blog again :)


{i mean, if savannah wasn't hungry all the time maybe she would sleep better...does it look like we don't feed her??}


  1. I LOVE THOSE ROLLS!! Ellie never had them, she was so small and thin! I was dying for her to have them, but it never happened!

    I know, blogging is so fun!! I am very addicted :)

    Also, I'm glad you didn't think I was a strange stalker!

  2. Amen to loving comments! It's always such a fun surprise! I comment on probably 90% of posts I read unless I get backed up and read 3 posts together at once. Such a fun way to encourage one another. And yes ma'am. We need to plan a date, or even a dinner date. We'd love to have ya'll over for dinner! We need to chat and find a time! Just love those little thighs! :)

  3. Maybe they're going through a phase because Cole has really sucked at napping too! Its been rough!

  4. Oh thank you friends... She is a delicious little peach!

    Chelsey, I can't wait for our coffee date! And yes, Joanna, dinner would be fun... But with faustino on trauma, maybe you should come over one call night and keep me company! {and keep me sane...}

    And Amanda, the schedule is key... It's just that sticking to it with two kids and sharing a room is a kick in the pants... Plus all the normal nap resistance stuff. Stick to your guns and Cole will probably turn out to be a good napper!

  5. Just thought I'd leave a comment to tell you how much I love reading your blog! In fact, I just started a blog and added you to my blog list! My blog is themoodyhappenings.blogspot.com.

  6. Oh sweet Whitney! Thank you for the comment and listing me on your blog. I am so excited to read yours! And so excited to learn that you are expecting a baby! How wonderful!


have i mentioned that i really, really love comments...?

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