Our Life Lately...

oh my.  i just wrote a long post.  but i must have some sort of attention deficit when the kids are both asleep at the same time.  my mind goes a hundred miles an hour, and i am trying to make sense...

which is a giant fail.

so.  here's the skinny on my life right now.  in a list.  sort of.  {the paragraphs from the above mentioned failed post were gigantic rambles.}

savannah started walking.
last saturday.  because she didn't want to crawl on the deck at a friend's party.

and she is f e a r l e s s.  yikes.

here's a quick video of miss savvy walking... {do notice ethan's shenanigans in the background.  what a silly boy}  let's see if i can actually figure out how to post a video... tips, anyone??

it has been super windy here.  that's not so good for my allergies/poor sensitive nose/energy levels.  the smoke from the fires to the west mixed with the pollen make for a burning throat for me. 

but then i think about all those people in the fires and i kick myself for complaining.  things are so nice for us here.  those people are suffering.  not me.  guilt for feeling sorry for myself with my allergies.

guilt. guilt. guilt.  go away guilt!  {do y'all have never ending guilty thoughts??  ahhh! i do!}

anyway, in my attempt to be productive, my blogging has slacked.  but i have so much to say!  so much to post about!

like finally starting my junior league placement.  finally.

or making a plan to win the war over what i am going to cook for dinner. 

or finished projects.  i finally finished my junior woman's club auction item of customized hand embroidered flour sack towels.  well folks, that could have been an entire jl placement for the time it took.

we have been to the zoo several times.  
to see the... dinosaurs.


and the garden is growing and growing.  we live in the desert we haven't had much rain... so i have been watering twice a day.  and hand pollinating.  geez.  these plants better grow.



and i have had this happen twice.  bliss.  pure bliss.


more posts to come, friends.
xoxo, s


  1. Good update! When I collapse into bed at night, my mind starts going 100 mph too...

  2. What a wonderful life! We are so blessed!

  3. 1) Yay Savannah! 2) I still want to eat her cute thighs 3)Ethan's feet wiggling outside the bucket were cracking me up 4) My life is a ramble! 5) I miss you! Lunch or dinner date soon?

  4. Joanna, you saw those feet, huh? Such a ham! Can we do dinner? Without my kids? It will take planning... But wouldn't it be nice to have an entire conversation?

  5. oh my word - that last pic? melts my heart! is there ANY THING better? :)


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