finished flour sack towels

its been a long time since i feel like i have set down with a decent frame of mind and written a blog post.  sometimes i feel like life is moving so quickly that i can sit down and watch an episode of something tivo'd but to make my words make sense in paragraph form... well, just forget it.

my brain just seems mushy at the end of the day.  and not the sentimental kind of mushy.  i'm hoping that all the time i am putting into words with friends is sharpening the ol' noggin.

i think part of it is that as a mom of two young children, i am always multitasking.  so my mind has fallen into a pattern of darting from thing to thing.  it is hard to sit still, because i think of other things that need my attention.  and once i start on them... along comes something that really does need attention.  it is a horrible waste of time to hop from task to task {example:  i need to change the load of laundry to the dryer - wait, i should get a load of clothes together - hmm... where did i see that pair of socks, yes, under the coffee table -- oh my gosh, the cat threw up, i need to clean it, grab a paper towel - but wait, i am tired, i need to put water on to boil to make some sweet tea.  now add the kids in there.  you see what i mean??}


thank you for your sweet words on my baby's photos... i can't wait to see all of them.  sweet savannah.  i could eat her with a spoon.  mmm!

but back to things... i feel like i have tons to post about, but should stick to one topic at a time {stop my multitasking mind!}

so, a finished project.

i don't get to say finished project very often.  i feel like many of my projects stay in my head... or on pinterest.  and the ones that i start take awhile to complete... because truthfully, i mismanage my time.

although, i read a quote somewhere that said something to the effect of if you enjoyed the time you spent it wasn't wasted... and i liked that.  a lot.

anyway, i started this project, oh... forever ago.  and truthfully, finished a long time ago too.  for the most part.

but it was just given to the recipient.  she can save the valentine's one for next year... lets think about how early i am for february 2012...rather than how late i am for this past valentine's...





obviously, the last photo was taken after the first three.  see the little bit of green bean vine in the lower right hand corner?  {that just sent me down a whole rabbit hole of what i need to do for the garden.  argh!  the multitasking mind!!}

do you like them?  i was sad the entire time that i couldn't keep them for myself.  although, i was totally tickled to give them away.  and embroidery has a way of making you think of nice things about the recipient.  stitch after stitch...

my husband looked at me while i was making one of them and said that he hoped i never decided to sell these, because i am too slow to be profitable.

he is right.  and truthfully, my work is so imperfect, i could never charge anyone for it.  i like to think of it as folksy...

xoxo, stephanie


  1. They turned out beautiful! I am so impressed that you can do such beautiful stitching. I love them:)

  2. Stephanie, those are fantastic!! Truly, fantastic! Erik's grandmother paints and she always tells me that it's the little imperfections that make "whatever it is" special. Not machine, cookie cutter made. It took me awhile to let go of being completely anal with my sewing. I still am, but not nearly as bad. My friend took my to Nordstroms and baby boutiques and showed me all the expensive baby blankets and what nots that were clearly imperfect and sometimes blatantly flawed, yet people were still buying them and for a lot of money!!

    And I love the quote about enjoyed time is never wasted time.

    I so know how you feel. My mind is constantly swirling. I sometimes get frustrated with other's inability to multitask. Come on people, you have two hands and there are only so many hours in a day!!! :-)

  3. thank y'all... i am glad you like them!

  4. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!! Seriously, I want a set, but I could NEVER use them because they are just too pretty. I MUST try my hand at this. :)


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