Round Top 2011

so, i have seriously been trying to post this all week... but the week has gotten away from me.  every day has been something + the kids afternoon naps are not happening like they should... i had things in the evenings and i really have been chasing my tail all week.  but we are fed, wearing clean clothes.  that counts for something, right??  :)

now, on to this past weekend.


round top, tx. {and no, this isn't round top, but this is how far out in the country we were.  and this was the awesome weather.  overcast, warm but breezy.  perfection!}

what is it?  it is acres upon acres of tents and buildings in the country.  people are selling anything from high end french antiques to rummage sale items.  its sort of like canton, except there is more of a feeling of really inspiring design... this was my first trip.

i had no idea.  it was madness.  so much to see... like, so much that i didn't really feel like we even saw a fraction of it.

about a month ago, i mentioned to my mother in law that it would be fun to go down to round top... and she agreed... and we didn't really put the plan into motion until the 11th hour and wound up staying in bastrop, which is a 45 minute drive away from the antique madness.

but it was a pretty drive, so no biggie.  {well, it was a bit of a pain when savannah was overtired on the way back to the hotel from the long day...}  anyway, mostly no biggie.

we took the kids.  we also took my mother-in-law's car... we were not serious shoppers.  {i mean, people bring trailers... we were not those people}

i mean, really, how much more could i fit in our house???  {but perhaps, down the road, i could be one of those girls with a trailer...}

anyway, we just wanted to mozy around and look.  it was such a blast.

ethan was tickled to get out of town.  he kept telling everyone he was on vacation.  when we talked to the on-star lady in the car, he told her that he wanted to go to the beach.  and when we finished dinner on friday night, he walked up to the hostess and told her that he wanted some money.


he also sported his dad's {dirty} hat all weekend. 


he managed to weasel a toy airplane, mustang, car and bulldozer out of the trip,  like we needed any more of these things.

and then there was sister.  she was pretty easy, but quite frankly, i think she just really prefers to sleep in her own bed.  she also likes her routine!  early to bed!  {and we weren't exactly savannah-style early to bed...}


really though, i would have never attempted this when ethan was her age.  she is such a good baby.

but on to our day at round top.  there are so many clusters of tents along the way... i don't really know where all we stopped... just that the first place seemed small potatoes compared to blue hills, but they really had some nice stuff for great prices.


i wanted this scale.  sooooo badly.  but it was beyond my budget, oh, and where would it go??  my imaginary work island in my kitchen??  haha!



i wanted this jar.  again.  money and space.  pretty though....

then we went to blue hills...

and pushing a stroller on the pea gravel here might cause insanity.


so we did some switching off... the kids didn't mind...



and my, oh, my.  ethan wanted the barn toy box {where would it go???} but the price tag was outrageous.  antique or not, i would not have even considered $350!

there was so much eye candy, i could hardly think straight to snap pictures!





we did get stuck for over an hour in traffic.  but this was our view...out the window and the backseat.  there really were no problems...



and by the time we reached zapp hall -- sister was out!



i did find my fair share of goodies... on the cheap.  {we went on the final day, so everyone wanted to strike up a deal.  yes, please!}





and when we got home on sunday evening, ethan was so tired.  he said to me "mama, snuggle me on the couch, please?"  and i said i would love to.  it was the perfect ending to a great weekend.



  1. Ah, I would FOR SURE be the lady with the trailer!! I've never been! Looks addicting :)

  2. OH my goodness! I've never heard of this place! And I love me some Canton! Hmm...care to go back one of these days with Colby's truck? eh? eh? Baby steps toward the trailer, ha! :)

  3. so sweet! i'd snuggle too. great pictures. great stuff. one day sister, one day....

  4. ohhhh jealous. love RT. unfortunately the last two times I have been I was prego and miserable. can't wait to go UN-prego. maybe we can make a girls trip in the Fall! :)


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