that's the number of t.t. accidents we have had today, and it is only 2:20.

5 if you count the fact that he didn't quite make it to the potty in time this morning. 

so, i was going to do a post on roundtop 2011 and make a plan of attack for hosting bunko...

instead i will be cleaning puddles...

{i think that wearing a pullup in the car on our road trip to round top sent us in potty regression... boo, hiss.}

xoxo, s

**** updated - 5:55 - 6 t.t. accidents, 1 poopie accident.  omg.  is this for real??***** 


  1. Oh, that stinks!! I haven't even given potty training a second chance yet- I'm to nervous! Is it bad that I gave up before Ellie?!

  2. OMG. Poor you. Poor Ethan. Hang in there.

  3. @chelsey - don't rush the potty training... It's such an energy suck that won't pan out until little elliot is really ready. Resist the urge to vomit when supermom's delight in telling you how long their little lovelies have been potty trained... I sadly hold some potty training bitterness in my heart... :)

    @lushknitter - oh you know me so well! Poor Ethan is right... You can only imagine my tone and patience! Not my best moments!


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