chop sticks & pink eye

Ethan has been a little under the weather.  On Tuesday he had the worst allergies... with allergy eyes. Puffy.  Itchy.  And then it became full blown pink eye on Thursday morning.  {Was it always pink eye?  Did it become pink eye because he couldn't keep his hands out of his eyes??}  We missed music.  We missed school.  My child has been cranky... {I have also been giving him benadryl which i hear can make kids cranky}  Anyway, life has been a peach.  What can I say?

And have I mentioned that I have a wonderful mother-in-law?  Really, I do.  She has been a complete dream during this pregnancy... she comes over to help me out.  She gave my sticky, messing, dirty toddler a bath last night because I didn't feel up to it.  Last weekend she helped me clean {remember the false labor??} And I never ask her, she just sees that I could use a little help and pitches in...  Anyway, last night, after she got off work she stopped by and we went to get something to eat.  Which was great because we needed an excuse to get out of the house {above paragraph = cabin fever} so we went to Tokyo Cafe.  And Ethan learned how to use chopsticks on gerber stars.  So so so cute.  And I said - "Gosh, I wish I had my camera" and my mother in law said "Take a picture of him, with those eyes?" and I said "good point..."  Therefore, no photos.  Plus my camera is packed.  I don't think I really learned how to use chopsticks until college.  I can remember being on a date for sushi, eating with the "beginner chopsticks" you know, the ones with the rubber band.  Ethan didn't master chopsticks, but he is well on his way... but you wouldn't know because I didn't take a photo.

So I leave you with a picture from last year at this time - mid April.  Wasn't Ethan much chubbier then??  He is such a little boy now... sigh.   They grow up too quickly.   


And by the way, I am still pregnant.  12 more hours until I can officially go into labor because my husband will be in the same city that I am in.  One week {on April 23rd} that it would be the very most convenient for me to go into labor.

Any bets on when it will be??  I am due on May 5th, but Ethan was 10 days early {and a big baby at 8.5 lbs. considering that I am not quite 5'2"}

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