false labor

not so fun.  Friday was very uncomfortable.  I had lots of contractions.  Contractions that got so bad that I packed a bag complete with cell phone chargers and toiletries.  I really thought it was time.  Before this whole episode, I thought, "why on earth do people get confused about when they are actually in labor with their second baby??" 

Let me tell you, those stupid contractions feel like the big event. 

With that being said, it might turn into the big event.  And I know that of all weeks to have a baby, this one isn't a convenient one.  So, if you are the praying type, can you just say a little prayer that this baby wants to stay inside a little bit longer.  Like, until the 19th?  The 18th wouldn't be terrible... but the 19th would be better... and I am not trying to be greedy, but the 21st or beyond would be the best.  So just keep your fingers crossed, or light candles... whatever you could do would be great.  I will bide my time laying on the couch.  Catching up on tivo'd Days of Our Lives...   Watching Sesame Street... drinking lots of water.

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  1. My mom recently stopped watching Days of Our Lives cause she just couldn't keep up with all her SHOWS. She had been watching it for 38 years!!


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