how does your garden grow

Faustino has been working very hard on the garden... and I have been watching and helping where I can.  {Sort of.}  Doesn't it look nice??




I did work on my herbs (no worry of stray cat poop and toxoplasmosis in their preferred sleeping spot - eww!) and trimmed down my oregano a week ago.  Looks like they need trimming again.  Would you believe that all of these came back from last year??  And the rosemary has been here for years now, maybe 5 or so... and the mint has come back for 3 years now... new addition:  cilantro.  And I am thinking about chives and dill.  Any other good suggestions?  From left to right: cilantro, parsley, oregano, thyme {fighting to grow back}, sage, and tarragon.  Basil is in the garden by the tomatoes.  It is supposed to be an organic gardening thing to grow your basil and tomatoes together.  But black thumb Stephanie wouldn't know first hand. :)

In fact, while I was dating Faustino, he bought me a basil plant and planted it.  And it died.  And I really thought he might break up with me.  It was like some weird test or something.  Surely it didn't surprise him... green things and me haven't had a good track record.  I am working on it.  The herbs are mine.  I cleared out the space for them, planted them, helped them live through last years ridiculously hot summer and here we are again.


and these little guys are green beans, sunflowers, and corn.  Won't corn be awesome??  It is at my mother-in-law's request.  And in the back of the yard we have a melon patch with watermelons and cantaloupes {by all the not so beautiful brush that forms a buffer from the alley - because if we cleared it and cut the hackberry trees down, what would our buffer be??}  Although, a compost bin rather than pile would be nice... but it is strategically placed in front of the gate to the alley... Don't you wish that you had an alley like ours??


And my neighbor has these... and I secretly want to steal them to make a pretty floral arrangement in the house...


Now, go plant something!

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