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folks, i've got nothing to say.  As of 10:00 p.m. this evening, I am not in labor.  I have had some false alarms... some wishful thinking... and my OB thinks I am well on my way, but officially, I am not in labor.  I am 38 weeks, 1 day... and would really, really, really, like to go into labor ASAP.  Like, as in tonight/tomorrow... Faustino has this weekend, next week, and next weekend off.  I feel the crunch to maximize his time off... so, prayers, light candles, cross fingers, really, anything.  The hospital won't let my OB induce me before 39 weeks... and I really don't want to wait until then.  Nor do I really want to be induced...

So I will leave you with 10 random things from this pregnancy:

  1. I have loved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.   Loved them.
  2. I have made iced tea nearly everyday of my pregnancy.  Very often I drink the entire pitcher.
  3. I have gained 41 lbs. thus far (and I thought that not working in Catering would spare me from this!!)
  4. I have had false labor, but never did when I was pregnant with Ethan
  5. I had morning sickness in my first trimester, but never with Ethan
  6. This pregnancy has made my body feel more tired and achy, even though I wore heels everyday with Ethan's pregnancy   
  7. I actually feel like I "prepared" for this pregnancy in terms of washing things, nesting, a to-do list, etc.
  8. This baby moves more than Ethan but doesn't kick as strongly
  9. My "heartburn" stomach pain, whatever it was that drove me crazy with Ethan's pregnancy wasn't nearly as severe this time
  10. Lately, I have had an obsession with doing laundry.  An I-could-go-into-labor-and-everything-must-be-clean kind of obsession.  I am scared that I will have a load that doesn't get transferred and it will mildew.  I haven't let Ethan wear any cloth diapers for the last week because I wouldn't be able to do a load start to finish of his dirty ones and it would send me over the edge in the hospital to worry about them.  Strange, no??   

p.s.  i wrote this at 10 on Thursday evening... fell asleep {that is really early for me!!} and then woke up at 2:45 a.m. and decided to post it... today I feel great... I keep telling Savannah Happy Birthday - positive thinking, right??

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    1. oh goodness. I remember that feeling like it was yesterday. NEEDING the baby to arrive! :) praying your sweet s decides to come ASAP!!! :)


    have i mentioned that i really, really love comments...?

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