firehouse fun


on friday we went to a birthday party for ethan's little friend william, and we had so much fun.

{SIDE NOTE -  he was OBSESSED with william all during the last school year and summer.  fake-calls him on a fake-cell phone and tells him about what he is doing.  before we do something important, like get dressed, he'll say --"wait.  i have to call my william.  william, i am getting dressed. okay. bye."  poor thing wasn't in his class this year.  but mom to the rescue -- he sees him on thrusday when i go to my bible study.  don't think it wasn't one of the reasons i started going to the bible study.  it was.  ethan finally has given it a rest asking to see william everyday.}

i totally TOTALLY splurged.  sister had a babysitter.

why?  because we went to the firehouse.  and let me just tell you, i made a wise choice.  my knows-no-limits-to-her-energy savannah would not have been a welcome sight by those firemen.  sister wouldn't have been up for following the rules. 

and firehouses have rules.  and these little boys were eager to follow them.  and the payoff was worth it.  i wish you could have felt the excitement radiating out of ethan. 


i took a video of him at this point too... they were watching a fire engine back into the firehouse.  wow.  i mean, i thought they would jump out of their skin with excitement.  really.

and ethan got to do fun stuff... like sit in the firetruck.



and see things like, the jaws of life.  we parents stood around in the back the whole time with OMG expressions on our faces -- "ahh!!! don't tell my baby about using an ax to cut a whole in the roof of a burning house!  don't tell him about the jaws of life!!  or the wall with the photos of the fireman that have lost their lives.  or even all the stop, drop, rolling...  I DON'T WANT HIM TO LEARN ABOUT THE SCARY STUFF."  we all felt that way.  but really, it's life.  and they will learn.  so we didn't say anything... but gee, i was happy he didn't ask any questions on the way home!


but he totally asked questions while we were there.  in fact.  he was the only one.  every time.  raising his hand... several questions in a row.  it was almost getting embarrassing!  but it was cute, too.  i love his inquisitive mind.  but this is why i am mentally exhausted by bedtime!! 

he saw the pole that they slide down that is hidden in a closet.  and yes.  he's tried sliding down a few things that aren't poles since then :)



and he had fun with his friend.  which really melts my heart.  its a beautiful thing to see my son make friends with people. 


so friends, if you are looking to have the coolest birthday party for your preschool boy, then copy william's mom.  because this might have been the highlight of their little lives.

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