last week is over! + a link to our family photos!

last week was a long week of half done projects and running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  faustino was at a conference in florida, and i had a week to "accomplish lots of messy projects" like... cleaning out closets.  and cleaning out toys.  and scrubbing the kitchen floor cinderella style.  you know, because if he is gone, i can do those drag-everything-out-to-organize-it projects.

these kind of projects give me heart palpitations.  really.  i text pictures to jenn with all the clothes spread out everywhere... and seriously.  so bad.  it made me feel like a hoarder.

i managed to get it all sorted and picked up by the time he came home.  thank. god.

i really thought i would get everything done.  i did not.

but i fully enjoyed my kids.



i also got some quality time with my mother who came so that i could get my hair cut.  wonderful.  and i used a different salon this time.  why didn't i change stylists a long time ago?  my old stylist was so frightfully negative.  the new stylist was l o v e l y.  i highly recommend ale at esoterica.  

also, ethan played lots of mighty world.  do you know about mighty world?  they are big boy toys with little pieces... he plays with them when savannah naps, and is so cute about cleaning it up.  love.




and i also did the dreaded search to find what we would wear for our family photos....it ended in success.  you can see the previews on sabrina's blog.

i am so so so so so so happy with the previews.  i have a very sweet and talented friend, no doubt.  i feel blessed so far beyond what i deserve.  so, thank you, sabrina, for capturing my family with your camera.  and i will shamelessly plug sabrina.  she has a gift.  you should have seen how ethan was doing everything she asked.  amazing.  so, go.  book your photos with her.  :)

xoxo, s


  1. Your pictures turned out gorgeous! No wonder you're happy! And great style choices too...

  2. Your pictures turned out amazing! Your friend did a wonderful job! I'm jealous... I need a photographer friend :)


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