Sorry :(

sorry.  savannah says it all the time now... except her's sound more like "sawry."  so cute.  {except when she took off her diaper in the crib and when i came in said "sorry."  that was just gross}

but, i digress.

i'm so sorry, y'all.  i usually am good about responding to comments.  not lately.  gigantic fail.

gigantic fail because i really love comments.  soo... just getting it out there that i am so sorry i didn't respond.  i meant to.  please don't stop commenting.  i will do better. 

and thank you, thank you.  the overwhelming positive energy from you all on facebook and my little comment section about savvy's costume and chloe's return.... makes my heart happy.

ummm... i just threw up in my mouth a little, because one of the most insincere people i have ever personally known always said "thank you, thank you."  i promise -- i was being sincere.

but if you can tell me who said "thank you, thank you" i will figure out a prize and mail it to you!

xoxo, s

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have i mentioned that i really, really love comments...?

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