the third decade.

first blogger changes.  and facebook.  and pinterest.  and it's not like i am still getting my internet from an aol cd, but i am feeling behind the times.  resistant to change.  i know i will like it eventually, but, ugh.  it's new.  and i have to think.  and ewww... i like autopilot, thankyouverymuch.  plus, i don't want to spend my time figuring out how to do whatever i used to know how to do just fine.  i still haven't taken the plunge to update my mac to lion.  change is hard for me.  y'all, too?  do you have a blog with blogger?  did you switch back to the old interface after a week because, like me, you didn't want to deal with it?

i'm feeling like an old person in the world of technology.  i guess i should mention that i turned 30 last week.  kids that were born in the 90's can buy beer.  the girl that babysat savannah the other day wasn't yet in kindergarten when our old red car was manufactured.  for reals.  i am so old. 

and i know its a "milestone birthday" and all, but it really didn't feel that way... but not in a bad way.  i'm just not a big birthday person.  i'm not the one that wants to tell everyone, or throw a party for myself, etc.

i did have a nice dinner with faustino at ellerbe.  and that was a treat.  and i ate bufalo {which i guess is like a water buffalo. it was a new food for me.}  and bread pudding.  heaven.

and my mother and ethan bought some bundtlets from nothing bundt cakes for me.  and we sang... {kids like that sort of thing} and bundtlets are good.  and i might have had the leftovers for breakfast the next day.  and i might have distracted the kids with the tv so that i didn't have to share.  poor form, i know.

the week before my parents were in town and we went out for a quick lunch and celebrated both my sister and me, since our birthdays are two days apart.  well, more like, 5 years and 2 days.  you get the point.


and facebook o v e r w h e l m e d me with happy birthdays.  and that was really stinking cool.  i have never been a big facebook happybirthday-er.  but.... i might have to change my ways.  it was quite enjoyable to see so many people write on my wall.  do y'all all read the blog??


anyway, i am thinking that rather than do a january - january goal setting/resolution thing, maybe it should be a birthday - birthday thing.

it sounds much less stressful for some reason.

and let's face it.  i haven't been so great on this past year's goals.  or resolutions.  really.  like, i won't even link to them because... it's embarrassing.  fail.

so, i'll work on this new method.  year 30.  i'm still fine tuning some of it... but let's just say it should begin with exercise.  :)   and probably less food.  because really, i love to eat.  not junk really.  just... bacon.  and bread with butter.  mmmm...

i'll make a list and get back to you.  promise.  i think i need to be  r e a l l y  specific. 

but for now i think i'll watch tivo'd parenthood... xoxo, s


  1. hi! i'm one of melissa's friends and saw her blog roll and decide to check yours out. reading for a while now and love it! just wanted to let you know who it was reading you all the way over in Thailand. mystery solved! and, btw: i switched back to the old blogger, too. i hear ya about change. resistant and proud. :)

  2. alina!! thank you so much for reading and commenting! i am flattered! thailand! wow! xoxo, s


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