halloween costumes... and good news

so, first, the good news.

chloe came home!!!  last night.  praise god.  really.  i prayed for that little cat... "keep her safe and healthy.  if she wants to come home, please help her find a way"  

i prayed that over and over. 

and all i can say is that god is faithful. 

faustino had a journal club meeting after work and didn't get home until 9 or so... we chitchat-ed a bit and then he had to get something out of his car that i am sure pertained to the big presentation this morning.  while he was out there, his phone started ringing {it had to do with the presentation} and i took him the phone.  he then stayed outside and talked on the phone awhile {he is not a soft talker, and he likes to pace... both are no-no's if anyone is trying to sleep in the house} and he was talking and walking all over the front yard.  and then he started to hear a meow.

and then he saw her.  he came in got me {still on the phone!} and i went outside and plucked her off of my neighbors porch.  it looks a lot like our porch... was she confused?

i told you she wasn't very smart.

so thankful for the timing of everything -- that faustino would be outside in our yard for an extended period of time.  so thankful he heard her.  i could go on... but there aren't really coincidences, are there? 

the even more amazing thing?  she isn't hurt.  at all.  she has a rough spot on her ear, but i can't really tell what its from.  a fight?  a scratchy branch?  who knows.  it's not something you would take a cat to the vet over...

de-clawed, stupid, cat.  out in the big bad world of feral alley cats.  and busy streets.  from friday at some point until tuesday night.  incredible.  

the only problem was that she was so gross.  i mean, a long hair cat was NOT made to roam outside.  at all.  i will spare you the details but suffice it to say that i was thoroughly grossed out by all the nastiness on her belly and it was not mud.  she was quarantined to the bathroom and i had to stop what i was doing and groom her.  shave her fur.  bathe her.  so not fun.  wow, folks.  i could never work at glamour paws.  or petsmart.

and really, she was so nasty, it would have been embarrassing to even take her there.  and it needed to be done right away.  it was 911.

and then i had to thoroughly disinfect the bathroom.


but still.  so incredibly thankful that she gets to come back and live her little life in our nest.  and now it looks like she could win worst pet hair cut ever.  EVER.  if you laugh at it, you can pony up the cash for a pro.  its not in the budget around here...

i'll get a picture of her at some point so you can feel bad for her.  i'm sure, that just like people hair, it will grow ;)

and now... halloween costumes.  it's supposed to be cold/wet/more seasonally appropriate later in the week.  so i had them don their costumes and pose for some photos.  i didn't even bother to move the plants that need to be planted from the background.  just keeping it real. 

our owl and red iron man.  i made the owl... inspired by a pin from pinterest that took me to this tutorial for an owl costume... except i ditched the mask and bought a winter hat from target for $12. 

and ethan's costume he originally picked out in costume express... you know?  the junk mail catalog that comes in september?  well... $45 before the gloves and accessories... before tax and shipping... uhhh... no.  so i lucked out and got this costume at JBF.  for $15.  and the quality of the mask is way better than the ones at target... and the accessories are at least $15.  i just had to do a little repair and buy a light for $10.  so... $25 vs. $50+  :)

so these are my two goofsters. 

i don't know what i said... but they reacted the same way.  :)







fun times. 

xoxo, s


  1. You are so talented! The owl costume is totally awesome! Love it!

  2. That owl costume is great! Your kids are so stinking cute I can't stand it. So glad Chloe came home!!!
    Miss you
    Laura Davison

  3. So glad you found the kitty! Pets - love 'em but they can cause so much trouble too!

    And those kids are ADORABLE!!! Super impressed with your owl costume!! Wowza! :o)


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