happy monday, folks


its blurry.  but aren't they cute?  they want to sleep like that every night.  i have to be the bad guy and put savannah into her crib.  soooo cute.

so while they snuggled with their grammy in the beautiful dreary weather this weekend, mama and daddy drove to my friend jenny's wedding in houston {fun!  and fancy soul food was on the menu - YUM!  more shrimp and grits for me!!!!} and i got to visit my friend, jenn.  and yes, i got to hear her adorable son say the too-cute-for-words "hi, y'all."  m e l t. 

jenn and jenny in the same weekend.  i think i confused my mother in law with the same name-ness of it all.  but for clarity, this is jenny.  this is jenn

now that's settled.

i talk to jenn like 11 times a week.  i mean, a week were we hardly talk is like, we only talked 4 times.  i'm not exaggerating.  it will be nice when she lives a little closer and maybe we can get together more often.  i mean, the last time i was at her house, she was pregnant, i think.  or maybe not yet pregnant.  with emma.  i mean, it was such a long time ago.  i remember her showing me the crib...but i don't remember the chaos of a baby.  and now her "baby" just turned 5!  maybe we should try a little harder to get together, eh?  :)

and last night, i was catching up on the tivo {and recovering from too much food, champagne, and driving in the rain}... and i made a TO DO list this week.  holy moly.  i almost added read the entire bible and become fluent in italian to it just to make me smile.  there is no humanly way i can cross all that off.  but i am going to try.

there are lots of big projects.  like organize all the kids clothes/drawers/closet.  and that is a major task.  we are short on space... so if you could just appreciate that fact for a moment....  ahh.  scary.

and clean my kitchen floor with shaving cream.  i'll report back on that one.

and i am itching to sew savannah a skirt.  and... we are taking family photos this coming weekend.  what. to. wear.?????????????? hate deciding that!

and i am going to try really hard to not stay up until 3 am every night.  

must run.  i have a lot to do.  and it starts with taking my kids to the park! 

xoxo, s


  1. Yay for fun with friends! I also have too much to do this week. Making my list now....

    We are having our family pictures taken this weekend- if the weather cooperates. Should be humorous (I'm taking lots of smarties for bribery... I mean incentive). :)

  2. this is jenn. ha! i don't think i was preggo. i think i was still working, in town, 50-60 hours a week, so that would mean i wasn't pregnant. although pre-baby memories are a bit fuzzy, aren't they? what on earth did we do with all of our time? thanks for stopping by and bringing all of my cowboy loot. i owe you one.

    we'll have to do better on the whole getting together thing. way better.

    and could you pray for a sold sign? pray.



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