am I really ready for this???

we are having a girl...

exited!  nervous!  how on earth will I be able to fit all this pink stuff in my house???

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  1. OH MY WORD!!! We just got your Christmas card in the mail & I'm gushing @ what a beautiful family you are....then I see the blog address on the back and think "how fun! I should bookmark that.".....then I see this! I AM SO EXCITED!! We've been wondering when this news was going to come :-) I'm sure you are looking radiant as always, but I hope you are feeling the same way, too. We miss you guys!
    Blessings! ~ Melissa Lamb
    PS - I'm such a slacker & didn't get on top of "thank you" cards....but thank you so much for the precious note cards you sent with Hunter's name on them! So thoughtful! I love them :-)


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