weekend review

What we have been up to... hmm... this might be long, so you'd better grab a glass of iced tea... {or cup of coffee if that is your style}

Friday I volunteered at Ethan's school... but I missed the memo about EVERYONE in the city wearing purple {literally} And these UCC people, they bleed purple.  So I dashed to Target before my shift to add a purple scarf to my outfit.  I couldn't handle the why-doesn't-she-have-purple-on looks.  I blame the peer pressure.  To further illustrate my point, Ethan's class made posters to take to Gameday.  Crazy.  But aren't they cute?

Then after school, I got to take home the sweetest 4-year old to play with Ethan.  Ethan got a big kick out of trying to be just like him...

This was my honest attempt at trying to get the boys to calm down {Ethan needed a nap!}
so they watched {the ever annoying} Super Why.  I couldn't resist the picture.
{Ethan is tired... you can tell by the hair twirling}

Friday evening we went over to our friends house for some pizza and then we went the the JWC Informal Party that was themed "homecoming."  I squeezed my pregnant self into a cheerleader uniform and secured the skirt with a safety pin, thankful that this uniform was from the '90s and not from today... since uniforms these days are not so modest...especially for a pregnant gal.  I thought about taking some pictures, but decided that the group photo would suffice... such funny '80s and '90s outfits...would you believe that many of these are currently in stores available for purchase.  Scary.

Saturday morning Ethan and I attended a very fun birthday party at the zoo... and we love the zoo...  The highlight:  seeing the penguin up close at the party and seeing the lion roar.  Mostly, it was seeing the delight on Ethan's face during those two events.  The only zoo picture I took was of Oscar, the friendly 18 year old penguin.

Saturday evening we went out {again! crazy!} this time with Faustino's fellow residents.  The highlight of my night was seeing 3 friends from Junior League that I hadn't seen in a while... the rest of the evening, well, I should keep this blog positive... but suffice it to say that as a group, I highly doubt that we are welcome to come back to that establishment.

Then, after working on it on Sunday and Monday night, I finished the apron!  And it wasn't even that hard!

Again, like with the first one, please don't look that closely... but I really like how it turned out.  Now Darby was able to take a cute picture of herself in the apron, showing it off in all of its cuteness.  But I am pregnant.  These type of things do not hang well on a baby bump.  So, dear readers {I think I have 2} you will just get the photo of the apron on the back of the sofa.  Sorry.

Now, just please cross you fingers that someone will bid on this at auction.  If not, I will be sad.  It will be craft rejection.  {and FYI, if you do decide to make an apron - and you should - Darby is correct, mind the seam allowances or your pleat doesn't come out.  I minded... but could have done even better.}

That's it!  Long post!! 

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