green circle, where it is??

This is quite possibly the longest sentence Ethan has ever said. 

He has said it over and over last night, all day today, and tonight.  The reason??  We have lost the green circle.  I know, most moms don't care about all the pieces of the toys being accounted for... but I do.  I have diligently recovered them all.  The lost 'J' magnet, the pig puzzle piece.  The purple rectangle {cousin of the currently lost circle} the missing train engine, and the missing construction worker {to name just a few}.  The lost pig lingered on for nearly two weeks.  Hopefully, I will find the green circle soon... because Ethan needs to work on other five word sentences.  And I have real housework to do.

I hope that you had a nice Thanksgiving.  Aside from a runny nose, this little guy sure did.  Faustino was on call Wednesday, post-call for Turkey Day and then on call again today... poor guy.

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