the week flew by!

Well... I fully intended for this blog to inspire me to TAKE MORE PHOTOS and do DO MORE EXCITING THINGS...we-ell... I am not quite living up to my expectations right now {in many areas, actually} and MUST DO MUCH BETTER this next week.

What did we do this week?

Monday, I trekked out to Hurst to look at Hancock Fabrics... and won't be doing that again... {so sad and disappointing!} and Ethan and I went to the zoo... where I should have taken photos... but didn't... I also ran errands to get supplies to make the Rhetoric birthday gifts... and then after Ethan went down for bed, i stayed up all night long working on these:

but multiply it by 50... plus handmade birthday cards... So.... that pretty much wiped me out. On the plus side, even though my house was not, and did not even look clean, it smelled like I had been on a cleaning spree thanks to the orange oil in the bath salts. Looking on the bright side, right??

Tuesday... finished my project, napped and tried to recover from my all-nighter, and took Ethan to get his flu shot... which really ticked off the poor guy. Actually, he was fighting mad angry... So, that was fun...

Wednesday, Ethan had school, and while he was there I went to the fabric store and found this:

but no coordinating fabric. And not quite what I wanted for my Birdie Sling bag. But when I got home, and started looking on the internet... I found that this Chocolate Lollipop collection by Anna Maria Horner was exactly what I was looking for... just in some of the other fabrics in the collection. So I decided on:

The floral for the main fabric... the dots for the trim... and the plaid for the bright and cheery lining.

Then I found out that I had hit another little road block. The fabric had been discontinued. As in, this was a spring of 2007 line and since it was so stinking cute, most people didn't have much of it hanging around.

So i spent all of my free time looking to see what little fabric shop might have a bolt of this left. And hallelujah I found all three. It feels like I got the last piece of the dots in existence.

So then, I decided to further obsess over the Anna Maria girl. She has a blog that is delightful and I am sad that I am just now getting with the program and learning about her. I do remember seeing her once on Martha Stewart though... but I think that was back in the dark ages, when we had no computer/internet and I didn't have a way to look her up...

So then on her website I found the most lovely octagonal quilt that I am now dying to make. Have I EVER quilted before? No. But this quilt made me want to learn. So maybe if I can stock up on enough of those chocolate lollipop fabrics via etsy and ebay I could start sometime in January...

And today, we went to estate sales. My sister in law found a table that I really, really, really wished that I had been getting... antique... needs a little work, but only $250... came with 4 chairs... has 2 leaves that double the size of the table... I wished I had my camera so that I could have posted it! I keep telling myself: my time will come and eventually I will upgrade my {out-grown} table!

Oh, one more thing... these are my "Halloween" pictures of Mr. Ethan...

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