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Do you want to know my new money saving tip?  Don't go to museums and pay to see the exhibits... just play on their lawn.  Way more fun for a toddler, and you don't even have to be quiet!  After our outing on Monday that was more fun outside than inside, I decided that we would enjoy the pretty weather and find some outdoor fun.  So I drove down the street {literally, down the street.  how lucky am I that these places are so close??} to the Modern and the Kimbell.  The sculpture at the Modern that we were playing in was a blast for Ethan.  It was 10 feet wide and 67 feet tall and echoed everything... we sang songs, stomped our feet, hit the wall...  very fun.  And then we played across the street at the Kimball... so pretty and so much fun!  With all of our activity I was disappointed in the length of his nap!  It is harder and harder to wear him out!


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  1. Oh My Goodness! Ethan is so stinkin' cute! Last time I saw him he looked just like Tino. Now he favors you so much. He got the best of both of you for sure. Glad that you had so much fun together.

    We always enjoyed taking Montgomery to the Will Rogers Coliseum and Justin Arena. He loved looking at the horses. There always seemed to be something going on there. Man, I miss Ft. Worth!!!!


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