Childlike Hope

well, if you have been following along, you know that on november 15th, my sweet cat bolted out the door and i had not seen him since.  until tonight.  ironically, i was coming home from bringing my friend who had a baby dinner.  the same friend that i was bringing dinner to the night he left...


so, i was pulling in the driveway, and i saw him in front of the neighbor's house.  it was dusk... i parked in the drive, not even pulling all the way up, and ran for him.  he was spooked, but i caught his attention.  he knows he is near home.  i could totally tell he was interested in me, but hesitant.  i am confident we are close to having him home.

i am also shocked that after almost a month he has resurfaced.  we live on a busy street.  near even busier streets.  and the highway. 

my point in telling you this is beyond just sharing my excitement.  you see, my darling little boy has not given up on finding him.  he calls for him {very loudly} every time we go to the car.  he wants me to roll down his window so that he can yell for him as we drive down the street.  he tells me that he misses him.

i have not given him these ideas.  i answer him, that hobbs is living outside right now.  i act unemotional about it; matter of fact.  it is painful for me -- more so when i think my little boy misses him, too.  i don't want ethan to see me sad...

but he has not given up.  and now, we might get him back... i have the same childlike hope.  and isn't it the season to have childlike hope?  there are so many things the little people in our life teach us.  when i am willing to accept things, my son is not.  he is hopeful.

may we all have some childlike hope this season.

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